Get your mom's dream of life, becoming a "Baker" -Ron Baker, that is,

Here in Vici, Kansas, snow, black and gold. Everything seems to be in a happy mood. Kanzantsy sparkle with pride when our unbeatable states Uichyta shocker broke most collegiate victory in the regular season their record 34-0. With their victory in the tournament in the Missouri Valley Conference, shocker moved into Marshatskae Var & # 39; yatstva, and momentum is easily knocked down opponents by 20-30 points per game.

The local shops and enthusiasts WSU proud vichytantsy attend screenings of five starters on the cover of the latest magazine Sports Illustrated.

One of these newcomers, the only blond, only Kansai-Ron Baker, almost joined the staff of Wichita. Indeed, WSU did not attract him.

Only two colleges that offered scholarships to Ron, the University of Arkansas and the University of South Dakota. But the distance from 7 to 8:00 scared young athlete from taking them. Ron did not want to be so far away from his family & # 39; and.

Baker gave up scholarships to go to Wichita State basketball team.

Ron Baker had the confidence to do what won many owners of mom business.

  • He listened to his inner compass
  • coordinate their decisions with their values ​​and
  • stick to their dreams.

Ron Baker risk, despite the fact that it can become more secure. He chose what was "better" compared to what he considered good enough.

And look at what God's idea "best" was for Ron Baker and Wichita State.

The fruits of courage and confidence to Ron Baker to follow what has been and what is "better" pryzyamlivshy him to the role of a key player and leader unselfish team,

  • He won the NIT tournament in 2011,
  • I was in the final four in 2013 and
  • now it has a perfect record;
  • the country's number two
  • and is likely to become the number one number in the NCAA tournament.

Ron Baker and staff Wichita shocker is about to go down in history.

So it looks like your mom's business, family and personal life when you have to take risks, resulting in a "better" choice, not a "good"?

If you want to manifest your dreams, it's time to become a "Baker". The question is, are you ready (and willing!) To risk?

Catholic momprener: Business advice Life Guide: write down three ways, if you settle for less and take steps to listen to the will of God and to make the "best" choice.

Adventure faded riotous roses – tattoos Boomer

It's 1998, and we are after the first tattoos. First of all, let me explain. I "mean" his sister and himself. Living in Oklahoma at the time, we were surprised to find that the art of tattooing was illegal. Now there was a surprise. Bible Belt has not approved Body Art.

Here we are, two forty Look, liberated women, and we were ready to make a statement about our personality. The fact that tattoos were illegal, made us a little more attractive. Thus began the road trip. Across the state line in Arkansas, we stopped at the first cabin promotional tattoos. That's what is called a tattoo parlor. I made me think that we are waiting for courtship, and I probably did. We were greeted by two young men who wore down shirt that appeared on Sunday. They were charming (someone outside the Disneyland even longer uses this word?) And introduced us to various embodiments of the tattoo. I settled on a red heart for the miserable wrist, and my sister chose the ankle more popular Rambling Rose. When all was done, two proud and timid tattooed rebels crossed the state line and returned to Oklahoma.

Over time, the skills of our young men of evil began to manifest in their works. My tender heart will heal quickly and for many years kept its color. However, my sister Rose Rambing brain and became infected, and finally, in the course of ink poured from each other, leaving a muddy patch on the ankle.

Carried forward in 2008 and again got our tattoos paramount. Well, in our fifties, we were both ready to shake it again, and our spirit rebels began to rise, as we passed through the updated stores ink in San Diego. where I moved from Oklahoma Hills. But this time there were a lot of options. We were close to several fine establishments hoping to make the best choice. None of this came in the first place that we got. At this time, we would have used their years of wisdom and maturity, in order to attract the best artist in the city. We finally took a well-considered decision to take advantage of the latest shop, we encountered before rush into a healthy reality that most grandmothers opens every day.

At this time we again met at the door, two young men; Deja vu. But the times, they are changing! Black tee with images of groups that have blown our smooth jazz favorites in the wind piercing, plugs and Iroquois. And … tattoos from head to toe, literally. Now my years of living on the beach in San Diego, allowed me to acclimate to this mastery of vision; but to secure the girl from Kansas, that would be my sister, nervous thrill crossed her face, and I knew we were in the right shop!

After an hour of consultations, we finally decided to abandon the new tattoo and my sister took the revival rose. Cover art created by these talented Michelangelo, it defies logic. With a sad gap emerged beautiful, delicate, full of rose bud, which, if not in an area attached to the leg, could stop and smell the roses! well done job.

Now it may seem that this would be the end of my fights on the rose, but my insurgent fire did not subside, so they once again see my face in the "last tattoo shop on the way out of town." I believe that in my left ear, there is a special place that requires the attention of Michelangelo's tattoo parlor. And so the adventure continues.

Lily sale Cannes face a chaotic future

Many crop plants, which are reproduced by vegetative division face a mysterious problem that results in lower energy clone, and the majority of farmers and nurserymen claim that the crop of plants "ended". A number of factors negatively affect plant clone to such an extent that it becomes unproductive and uneconomic continue to grow.

technique revived crops has been identified, such as strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, sweet potato, banana, and a beginner: kanleya. This flower bulb or rhizome is faced with current and future catastrophic consequences unless the government regulatory measures to remedy the dilemma facing the lilies branch will be taken. Since the 1940s, Canna lily rhizomes constantly grown from the original stock, which can be easily assembled in the autumn, packaged and resold Dutch manufacturing companies (several exist today, most went bankrupt) as the class indicated. Trade developed so widely around the success of the sale of millions of rhizomes, some farmers began to grow lilies in the fields, planted in rows, like corn, exclusively for the Dutch-maorderav companies. For some producers in Cannes in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas financial rewards were so excessive that they started to plant hundreds of hectares as an exclusive crop. Due to the shift in the retail trade a decade ago, when sales channels lily has been transferred from the packed rhizomes companies masters in pot, growing, blooming lilies for spring and summer sales at stores such as Walmart, Lowes and Home Depot. Trade shops have purchased products in pots are mainly manufacturers yearling nurseries acquired dormant rhizomes lily kanapeli exclusive field farmers Cannes, which originally supplied by master only ten years ago. This is a sharp change from prastayuchyh bulbs Kanli to unsuspecting customers at the shop to customers in stores that were watching plants flowers and leaves before you buy, make it necessary to reject store stores a plurality of lower potted lilies. years decreased (ran) to the state of unpredictability. This failure did not arise from customers mailarderav who bought unseen unchecked rhizome with "desire" that it turned into the sleeper factory beautifully depicted, which was put on sale in maorderav directory.

Growing lilies for retail sale has now become a crisis, like the one that threatened the producer of strawberry plants, raspberry bushes, blackberry bushes and banana years ago.

Commercial producers of Cannes is held every year to postpone part of the current crop of roots Cannes for use as seed for restoration planting for next season. With the growth of every year, some genetic defects and sensitivity began with the & # 39; also accumulate, and more suras & # 39 every year; ozna grow. Canadian farms continued to grow and sell more and more patients and mutavanyh rhizomes Cannes every year, yet they could not be regarded with horror with deformed leaves and flowers cash, as opposed to customers in stores and their retail customers dissatisfied. Many of these varieties are grown and Cannes initially sold as authentic named varieties. After many decades of vegetative propagation couch crop has become a mixture of defective and harmful mutations susceptible to many diseases, insects, nematodes, and deviations from the colors.

Commercial channels manufacturers practiced technique, which they call "unfortunate", which included searching the rows of channels in full raztsvitse and discarding species that are visually different from the desired variety, intended for cultivation. This technique works only in part, because many weak and inferior quality could not be detected visually, for example, the rhizome of Cannes, who failed to thrive at a time when a farmer decided to "rob" the field of Cannes. In addition, genetic factors that were mutavany in the rhizomes, which makes the plant susceptible to disease and other obstacles, it would not be seen as a commercial field is usually sprayed effectively to remove pests; but normal home gardener does not expect to buy the plant, which must be continuously sprayed with fungicides, nematodes or insects, and as soon as their indoor plants will be placed in the home garden, the leaves are attacked leaves and rolls, and leaves, and roots infected with nematode ruin. It is expected that this disappointment retail customers and fans Canna sharply constrains future purchases lilies.

Reduced plants in agricultural products such as strawberry, raspberry, blackberry plants, vines and banana trees, greatly overcome by the process of tissue culture. Scientists have found plants that rapidly growing tip of the plant, called "apical meristem", can be removed and placed in a tissue grows. Plants from which the apical meristem is removed, carefully chosen for breeding and must comply with the initial desired characteristics of the parent class. Apical merystema is growing so fast that by careful selection of a few cells at the top viruses and other problems with the mutation do not leave, leading to the new plant, which will be vigorous, disease-free, and is growing rapidly.

This group of cells develops into a holistic plant with intact stems and root systems, which together are called "uterine plants of nuclear stock". These "mother-plants" are used for vegetative division, of which the commercial private sector nurseries allow farmers to sell certified plants, which do not have viruses, bacteria and other diseases.

As of August 1, 2006 has been proposed to restore the industry growth Cannes from this random arrangement using tissue culture technology. Tissue culture can restore the reputation of the marketing and production of rhizomes of water lilies to a satisfactory level of approval of both wholesale and retail customers.

Copyright 2006 Patrick Malcolm

Florida Adjuster Licensing for non-residents – Licensing Guide

License to adjust the requirements of the profession in the state of Florida – this is the highest level of licensing. FL nonresident license is available to residents of other countries under certain conditions.

In all cases, the applicant must be at least 18 years of age and be a US citizen or legal resident alien permission to work in the United States. After applying for a license to the applicant would need to submit fingerprints for a background check. Crimes or other crimes & # 39; moral tricks normally disqualify the applicant for a license.

If the applicant comes from a state that requires a license karektsirovshchykav, it must be licensed home State before the FL will issue a license to a nonresident. If the applicant comes from a state that does not require a license karektsirovshchykav, this person has the right to apply for a license FL All Lines.

In order to qualify for a license, a person must either pass a state exam, or pass the assignment, for example, the appointment of accredited adregulyatara requirements proposed by the University of Central Florida / Florida Insurance University. ACA designation excuse the applicant of the need to pass the state exam.

Licensed in Florida looking for those who work in the insurance sector, due to its reciprocity with other states. In other words, if an individual has a license to FL, this same person will have the right to license in other states without additional qualification other than the application. Texas – one of the reciprocal states of Florida and Texas reciprocate between Florida and the applicant will have the right to license throughout the country with very few exceptions. List of mutual Florida include:

Arkansas – only independent
Connecticut – an independent, public company and
Georgia – only the independent and community corrections. (You do not need a license for karektsirovshchykav Company)
Illinois – only for the public
Kentucky – an independent, public company and
Michigan – State and independent
Minnesota – independent and public
Mississippi – only independent
New Mexico – an independent company and
North Carolina – an independent, public company and
OK – an independent, public company and
Oregon – State and independent
Pa – Public
South Carolina – and only independent company
Texas – independent companies
West Virginia – an independent, public company and

For more information about licensing, see the information about accredited amendment application requirements of Central Florida on the University or by phone: (407) 927-1235. The application for a license is on the Internet at:

Apple symbol and legend

Apple blossoms – the perfect symbol of love, youth, beauty and happiness. Apple blossom – a flower of Arkansas, when the highest state apple crop in the United States. Apple blossoms pink and white with medium green leaves.

apples prosperity pink, red modified. In terms of color symbolism, red inspires action, movement, courage and enthusiasm. Pink – a perfect color, which is often more attractive to adults than pure red. Pink color is also softer and more suitable for healing. Pink can be used to relieve depression. As the color of heat and love, pink offers comfort, as well as encouraging the movement and orientation of the outside.

Simvalalogiya apple blossoms cover floral paintings. All flower pattern – this is primarily an image element in the tree. Wooden elements – an incentive for new projects and adventures. Energy blooming in spring and summer, pushing us to new challenges and restore their strength.

Secondary energy apple colors & # 39 is fire energy associated with the color pink. Fire is heat, passion and attitude. Fire creates excitement. Images with strong firepower element suitable to support the romance and idealistic endeavors.

The apple has a respected history. U.S. 1000 grown varieties of apples, which are derived from the wild crab apple. Apple tree native to Europe and is well adapted to the North American continent. Apple tree – a symbol of the state of Washington, known for its prolific apple orchards. Apple trees in bloom from April to June.

Apple has long been associated with immortality, as evidenced by its role in the seduction of Adam in the Garden of Eden. The mystical island of Avalon, a famous place of eternal rest of the Celtic heroes, including the king Arthur, literally & # 39 is "earth apple" or "apple island." In Scandinavian myths north-European gods and goddesses every evening fed apple Iduna, the goddess of spring and youth, which brings up an apple orchard in Asgard.

With regard to modern myths and legends, Johnny Apple with & # 39 is the most famous American legend associated with apples. John Chapman, born in 1774, lived about 12 years, near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In the mid-twenties, Johnny began the journey to the west, to ensure settlers and apple seedlings.

At that time there was a law, which obliged the settlers to plant 50 apple trees in the first year on the newly acquired land. This law was designed to prevent starvation among the settlers. Although Johnny wandered and planting trees, it also has significant land and rented space for its apple orchards.

Johnny was a devout Christian, which influenced the ideas of Emmanuel Shvedborga. Shveborg appreciated the love and joy above all other virtues. Compared to many repressive philosophy, which came into fashion, his approach to the spiritual life basically was a breath of fresh air for the settlers, with whom Johnny shared his religious treatises and biblical interpretation.

Johnny Apple spent nearly 50 years, overcoming the desert by planting apple trees and arranging their own gardens. Johnny dreamed of a landscape decorated with apple blossoms, and a country where no one goes hungry. As reported, Johnny thought that apples are among the "best things on earth."

Today, the US apple industry is worth billions of dollars. And thanks to Johnny apples, nothing is more American than apple pie!

Bulletin of success with minimum wage

Despite the resounding Republican disassembly on election day, November 4, 2014, in four states, measures were taken to increase the minimum wage with a comfortable margin of victory:

AR – Salary up to 2017 will increase from 6.25 to 8.50 dollars per hour (66% of the votes)

Nebraska – He would go from 7.25 to 9 dollars per hour (59% of the votes)

Alaska – In 2016, Alaska to see growth to $ 9.75 per hour (69% of the votes)

South Dakota – He would go from 7.25 to 8.50 dollars per hour (55% of the votes)

also, Illinois It adopted a nonbinding referendum to increase the minimum wage to $ 10 an hour. All of the measures put before voters on this issue were adopted. About 420 000 workers in these states will see an increase in salaries, due to this vote.

In his address dedicated to the State of the Union in January 2014, President Barack Obama called on Congress to increase the federal minimum wage from 7.25 to 10.10 dollars per hour. Later, however, Senate Republicans blocked the legislation. Supporters had 54 votes, but 60 were needed to advance the bill. Soon, the President signed an Executive Order to increase wages up to 10,10 dollars for those working on new contracts for federal service.

Ironically, the voters approved the increase of the minimum wage in the same states that the Republicans were shut down in the post. Normally the GOP opposes such an increase, considering the action as a job killer. "If you increase the value of something, you get less," – said the speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boner earlier this year. "We know that the last increase in the minimum wage, hundreds of thousands of Americans with low income have lost their jobs."

There are well-known Republicans who do not agree with this position, including former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum and former Minnesota Governor Tim Pavlenty. Senator Susan Collins of Maine, even tried to reach a compromise for a smaller increase in the minimum wage at the beginning of this year.

According to the Bureau of the Congress Congress, raising the minimum wage would have two main effects for low-wage workers. Most of them will get a higher salary, which will increase the income of their family & # 39; and, as some of these seven & # 39; ads rise for the federal poverty threshold. But some jobs for workers with low wages are likely to be eliminated. Income of the majority of workers who lost their jobs, significantly dropped, while the share of low-wage workers are likely to decrease slightly.

The current minimum wage of 7.25 dollars per hour & # 39 is part of the Fair Labor Standards (FLSA). However, the FLSA does not supersede any state or local laws that are more favorable to employees. If the state of wages above the federal minimum, employers who are subject to the law on wages, are required to pay their employees a higher amount. Overall, about 13 countries have increased salaries this year, and, on the Council of Economic Advisers estimated that about 7 million workers receive from this increase in 2017.

Alltel Arena Little Rock, Ar

Harel Multipurpose Arena in Little Rock, Ar opened in October 1999. Arena was the venue for a number of sporting events. Exhibitions, concerts, with & # 39; drive, racing, fighting, rodeos and circuses – the arena took them all. In the arena knew the names of music with world music, including Britney Spears, Dixie Chickens and Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, Tim McGraw, Janet Jackson, Cher, Billy Joel, Eagles and George Street. Harlem Globetrotters also treated the audience in this arena.


In August 1995, in the county of Pulaski Arkansas approved the construction of a multi-purpose arena. On both sites, which are visited in North Little Rock, the Board of multifunctional civilian centers in Pulaski County in 1996 chose an area of ​​19.5 square acre versus 11.6 acres near the Broadway Bridge. design group Civic Center (CCDT) were in the development arena, consisting of Bertha Tagarta and its partners, architects / engineers, Wilcox Group, Garver & Garver Engineering and Rosser International of Atlanta.

On construction cost 83 million dollars, the contributions made by local, state and private structures. Arkansas has made $ 20 million and private sources – 17 million dollars. Contribution to $ 7 million for the rights to the arena to the arena has made the company Alltel Corporation, based in Little Rock. Arena area of ​​35 000 square meters open to the public in 1999.

In the arena the Trojans were the University of Arkansas since as "Harel Arena" opened until the team moved to a new stadium in 2005. The arena also was unsuccessful hockey team – the articles of Arkansas, ECHL blades (formerly ECHL). There have been a number of tournaments, such as men's tournament in Sun Belt Basketball. Women's Basketball Tournament Southeastern Conference in 2003 and 2006. In the framework of which in 2003 held 43,642 people attendance record.

In 2002, the arena went WWE No Mercy event and passed the WWE Smackdown and RAW event. Arkansas Awana Games in 2006; Championship Southeastern Conference in gymnastics in 2007; and NCAA Basket (Parts 1 and 2 rounds of male Division I) ball-in event 2008 godu; Alltel Arena in Little Rock, Ar organized them all and some.

In 2007, the arena was one of the American Idols LIVE! Tour of concerts in 2007 and in the evening July 25, 2009 will be American Idols LIVE! Touring concerts 2009!

Arena has 80 & # 39; x 40 & # 39; portable stage and seating for concerts between 15 000 and 18 000 people. It has 14 000 people to the rally and Rode. In addition, the arena also hosts a number of events such as exhibitions, with the & # 39; drive, meetings and banquets. Under the guidance of an experienced chef and catering staff, the arena also offers a full service catering.

To get advance availability of premium locations, before they are presented to the public, the arena is offered membership in the SYS (Save Your Seat), which is valid for 5 years and $ 1,250 is available.

Limousine – where did they come?

Think about it a minute. Have you ever seen an older antique limousine Model-A? Of course, you will not, because at that time were not made limousines. Thus, if the very first limousines, as we know them, first begin with & # 39; to appear in the road?

Everything always begins in Arkansas

Believe it or not, the first limousines were produced and used in Arkansas back in the 1920s. They created travelers teams so that they can comfortably go on tour in the south, playing in the club circuit.

go figure it out

Why and why the south in particular, Arkansas? Your guess is the same as mine, but it may have something to do with the long rough road and the number of clubs and casinos, sprinkled along the Gulf Coast and other southern regions.

good idea

Of course, the club owners and other people on the way soon noticed, and it was long before the other private parties started to make their own transformation into a limousine. Of course, the next obvious step from there became a private limousine, where people can temporarily rent a limousine.

Back to Arkansas

The actual concept of a luxurious private train originates in Europe since 1700. It was then that it was possible to observe how the ground nobles gathered in the comfortable wearing large decorative carriages, pulled by a team of fine horses.

The French did some good things

Name Limousine, strangely enough, comes from the region Limozin in France. It is with this in France was made a lot of small items, such as pottery and carpets, and the name has become synonymous with something of excellent quality.

Why buy land in Missouri

Are you planning to purchase a property? Then the purchase of real estate in Missouri, located in the mid-western United States, could be an excellent choice. Read this article to learn about Missouri and why buying land there can be a great investment in the future.

Missouri is located in the central western part of the United States. It is surrounded by seven neighboring states, namely, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Iowa and Nebraska. Missouri – eighteenth of the state's population. In Missouri, you can find the purchased land in places like Antlerny Ridge, Barnes-Lovz, Indian Creek and Ranch Whispering Oaks. You can buy land in Missouri for camping, hunting and residential needs. Whatever the reason, everyone is sure to find a piece of land to your liking.

Missouri is considered an ideal place for those who find peace in the certificate of natural beauty. HRES Antler, located in the inner part of Missouri, bordered by a forest of national forest Mark Twain on the eastern side, while its southern and western sides is pioneering forest conservation area. The forest area in the country is 420 000 hectares, which gives the opportunity to explore and enjoy the wildlife. Landmarks completely strange with lush foliage and large pines and oaks. Antler-ridge – an ideal place for those who love fishing, camping and rafting. Barnes Hall is located in Shannon County, not far from the county seat of Texas. It is the perfect place to relax. You can opt for a land purchase in Barnes Holvese for residential needs. The area with the & # 39 is part of a beautiful scenic rivers.

Indian cry bordered by conservation Ridge area. 420,000 hectares of national forest near Mark Twain – is an exciting opportunity for those who find a thrill in the hunt and outdoor activities in forest areas. Here is an opportunity to build a camp cabin or a permanent residence on the territory of the property. While Whispering Oaks Ranch is adjacent to a state park and national forest Mantauk Mark Twain. This is a place for everyone who loves rural life.

You can choose to purchase the land for sale in Missouri, having recourse to the real estate dealers who are engaged in the purchase of property.

With regard to the climate, to Missouri in the summer can be hot and humid, while winters are quite the opposite. One may wonder about the connection of Missouri to the rest of the country. Missouri has two major airport site; One – Lambert-St. Other airports Louis and Kansas City International Airport. Three of saturated rail centers of America are located in Missouri: railroad Kansas City Southern Railway Norfolk and the Union Pacific Railroad.

Thus, if someone is planning to buy the tract in Missouri, nothing could be better than to get the opportunity to experience the natural beauty of the country, while living there. Interestingly, these plots of land are available at very affordable prices and are mainly located in picturesque places. Anyone who likes to spend some time away from the busy city life, enjoying camping and hunting, buying land in Missouri – the best investment.

Colorado Photo – friendships among amazing heights

Colorado Your Photo will be the best if it will show the friendly nature of its people, as well as excellent colorful beauty of the state, which is famous all over the world.

Easy to overlook eastern third of the state and think that there is no possibility kalaradavay pictures, because it is a huge flat farmland and small towns. It would be a mistake. The southeast corner of the state, especially along the Arkansas River, has a rich historical tradition. You can travel on the national scenic and historic road that goes along the Santa Fe Trail. Colorado Your photo may also include images of Bentley-the Old Fort, the first settlement in Colorado in 1833 and museums that celebrate the Indians who lived in the first century in the district, and a large border guard Kit Carson.

Kalaradaskaya picture is not complete without the images from the Eastern Plains large wall Rocky Mountains, commonly known as front. In the world there are very few visual impressions that compare the movement to the west of Colorado plains and suddenly see the Rocky Mountains, as if from nowhere. If you fly into Denver or Colorado Springs, it's worth your time to a few hours drive to the east of those cities, and then come back, stopping often to capture the majesty of the Rocky Mountains.

Denver and other cities in the front row – an exceptional family and adult areas, as well as sources of unforgettable Colorado. These cities also your gateway to the wonderland – Rocky cliffs and all the attractions of Western Colorado. From Colorado Springs and Pueblo, you are a few minutes away from the famous Pike's Peak and the many canyons and mesa outside. Take something & # 39; w and a camera at the far south-west, to visit the National Park Mesa Verde National Monument ancient canyons and similar places, the ancient residential cliffs. They can be your favorite photo subjects in Colorado.