Claims to an accident in vehicles in random wines


In most states, a person responsible for a car accident, is responsible for the damages and losses ( including passengers and other drivers injured ) As a result of the accident. These states are called interstate wines and include Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada , New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

Loss or damage

Loss or damage arising as a result of car accident claims among these states, are usually covered ” the fault “The insurance company of the party. The fault of the driver will be threatened by rising car insurance. But sometimes the insurance companies do not want to ( or very hesitantly ) In order to pay full and fair compensation amount necessary for the driver or any injured victims, in this case the lawyer suffered injuries need to take control of the negotiations between the parties and return the proper commitment.

proved guilty

Although there are various factors and laws that affect the final sentences of such cases, a major influence – wine. In a state of guilt of any person injured in a car accident, has the burden to prove the enemy of guilt and responsibility in the accident. In fact, this will be a major challenge for their legal team. This, however, can be quite complex and difficult, because the problem is not always such as cut and dry. For example, if the brake lights are not working properly and the driver crossed the intersection and collide with another driver that causes the driver of the first encounter with the third vehicle, the fault assignment is complicated. That is why it is important to maintain an experienced lawyer for professional and assertive representation.

To prove guilt, the applicant must prove four things:

1. I was required legal duty of care

In the case of traffic accidents, all drivers are required to drive safely and obey all laws, traffic signals and traffic rules.

2. the duty was breached.

The applicant had to provide evidence to show that the enemy did not express its duty of care.

3. Violation was the proximate cause of the accident and subsequent injuries.

Again, the applicant will have to provide evidence to demonstrate how the violation led to the accident, and then caused them injuries.

4. Injuries led to damages and losses that can be compensated financially.

Finally, the applicant has the burden to prove their injuries caused them to suffer a monetary, such as lost wages, work time, medical expenses, medical expenses, and more.
The company recently learned that the Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, used a donation website that generated a different bitcoin wallet address for each person that visited. That made it harder to track the funds and see where they were sent. The group has been designated as a terrorist organization by Israel, the U.S. and the EU.
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“Because we are always on top of what’s about to happen, we can see when those funds start to move to exchanges,” Elliptic’s co-founder and CEO James Smith told CNBC in a phone interview. “We were able to let our customers know that these funds were heading towards them, and they were able to stop them.”

The firm on Wednesday said it raised $23 million in a funding round led by Japan’s SBI Holdings to fuel an aggressive expansion into Asia. SBI, a financial services business spun off from SoftBank, has made headlines in the past due to partnerships with blockchain companies like Ripple and R3. Elliptic also counts Spanish bank Santander as an investor.
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Terrorist funding is just one area of illicit activity the firm’s platform deals with. It’s also used to track people trading child pornography and drugs, as well as hacks that result in funds being stolen. Elliptic shows a different side of the crypto industry, in that its technology is seen as more favorable to financial services businesses and regulators.



Alltel Arena Little Rock, Ar


Harel Multipurpose Arena in Little Rock, Ar opened in October 1999. Arena was the venue for a number of sporting events. Exhibitions, concerts, with & # 39; drive, racing, fighting, rodeos and circuses – the arena took them all.
In the arena knew the names of music with world music, including Britney Spears, Dixie Chickens and Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, Tim McGraw, Janet Jackson, Cher, Billy Joel, Eagles and George Street. Harlem Globetrotters also treated the audience in this arena.
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In August 1995, in the county of Pulaski Arkansas approved the construction of a multi-purpose arena. On both sites, which are visited in North Little Rock, the Board of multifunctional civilian centers in Pulaski County in 1996 chose an area of ​​19.5 square acre versus 11.6 acres near the Broadway Bridge.
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design group Civic Center (CCDT) were in the development arena, consisting of Bertha Tagarta and its partners, architects / engineers, Wilcox Group, Garver & Garver Engineering and Rosser International of Atlanta.
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On construction cost 83 million dollars, the contributions made by local, state and private structures. Arkansas has made $ 20 million and private sources – 17 million dollars.
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Contribution to $ 7 million for the rights to the arena to the arena has made the company Alltel Corporation, based in Little Rock. Arena area of ​​35 000 square meters open to the public in 1999.
In the arena the Trojans were the University of Arkansas since as “Harel Arena” opened until the team moved to a new stadium in 2005. The arena also was unsuccessful hockey team – the articles of Arkansas, ECHL blades (formerly ECHL). There have been a number of tournaments, such as men’s tournament in Sun Belt Basketball.
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Women’s Basketball Tournament Southeastern Conference in 2003 and 2006. In the framework of which in 2003 held 43,642 people attendance record.
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In 2002, the arena went WWE No Mercy event and passed the WWE Smackdown and RAW event. Arkansas Awana Games in 2006; Championship Southeastern Conference in gymnastics in 2007; and NCAA Basket (Parts 1 and 2 rounds of male Division I) ball-in event 2008 godu; Alltel Arena in Little Rock, Ar organized them all and some.
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In 2007, the arena was one of the American Idols LIVE! Tour of concerts in 2007 and in the evening July 25, 2009 will be American Idols LIVE! Touring concerts 2009!
Arena has 80 & # 39; x 40 & # 39; portable stage and seating for concerts between 15 000 and 18 000 people. It has 14 000 people to the rally and Rode. In addition, the arena also hosts a number of events such as exhibitions, with the & # 39; drive, meetings and banquets. Under the guidance of an experienced chef and catering staff, the arena also offers a full service catering.
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To get advance availability of premium locations, before they are presented to the public, the arena is offered membership in the SYS (Save Your Seat), which is valid for 5 years and $ 1,250 is available.
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Why buy land in Missouri


Are you planning to purchase a property? Then the purchase of real estate in Missouri, located in the mid-western United States, could be an excellent choice. Read this article to learn about Missouri and why buying land there can be a great investment in the future.
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Missouri is located in the central western part of the United States. It is surrounded by seven neighboring states, namely, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Iowa and Nebraska. Missouri – eighteenth of the state’s population.
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In Missouri, you can find the purchased land in places like Antlerny Ridge, Barnes-Lovz, Indian Creek and Ranch Whispering Oaks. You can buy land in Missouri for camping, hunting and residential needs. Whatever the reason, everyone is sure to find a piece of land to your liking.
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Missouri is considered an ideal place for those who find peace in the certificate of natural beauty. HRES Antler, located in the inner part of Missouri, bordered by a forest of national forest Mark Twain on the eastern side, while its southern and western sides is pioneering forest conservation area. The forest area in the country is 420 000 hectares, which gives the opportunity to explore and enjoy the wildlife.
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Landmarks completely strange with lush foliage and large pines and oaks. Antler-ridge – an ideal place for those who love fishing, camping and rafting. Barnes Hall is located in Shannon County, not far from the county seat of Texas. It is the perfect place to relax. You can opt for a land purchase in Barnes Holvese for residential needs. The area with the & # 39 is part of a beautiful scenic rivers.
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Indian cry bordered by conservation Ridge area. 420,000 hectares of national forest near Mark Twain – is an exciting opportunity for those who find a thrill in the hunt and outdoor activities in forest areas.
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Here is an opportunity to build a camp cabin or a permanent residence on the territory of the property. While Whispering Oaks Ranch is adjacent to a state park and national forest Mantauk Mark Twain. This is a place for everyone who loves rural life.
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You can choose to purchase the land for sale in Missouri, having recourse to the real estate dealers who are engaged in the purchase of property.

With regard to the climate, to Missouri in the summer can be hot and humid, while winters are quite the opposite. One may wonder about the connection of Missouri to the rest of the country. Missouri has two major airport site; One – Lambert-St. Other airports Louis and Kansas City International Airport. Three of saturated rail centers of America are located in Missouri: railroad Kansas City Southern Railway Norfolk and the Union Pacific Railroad.
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Thus, if someone is planning to buy the tract in Missouri, nothing could be better than to get the opportunity to experience the natural beauty of the country, while living there. Interestingly, these plots of land are available at very affordable prices and are mainly located in picturesque places. Anyone who likes to spend some time away from the busy city life, enjoying camping and hunting, buying land in Missouri – the best investment.



Tips for Walleye fishing in Missouri


In Missouri, there are some great fishing options in Sudak. Perhaps, not from Walleye & # 39 is a view which you are fishing in Missouri, but is actually in Missouri has some of the best opportunities for fishing in the country. Both lakes and rivers in Missouri offer excellent fishing for Sudak. In this article, we will tell you about some of the best water fishing waters in the state of Missouri.
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Stockton Lake, probably the best lake in Missouri. Stockton Lake – a relatively small corporation reservoir engineers, but it is very deep, cool and clear. This makes the lake ideal for fishing in Sudak.
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The best fishing on the wreath is happening at the dam in summer and in the river in March in the spring when spawning spawns. The lake is regularly stored zander, but also see a healthy amount of natural reproduction. North, worms and handle deep dive work well.
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Bull Shoals – another beautiful lake. Only the northern part of the lake is located in Missouri, but the area offers some of the best fishing on the lake. Plot in Missouri – Lake Bull Shoals – a very river, and is actually more like a big, slowly move cancer than the reservoir.
The area just below the dam Paverseyte particularly popular and even offers excellent opportunities for fishing zander, as well as trout and bass. Fisherman on the boat very well what is going on around the lake. Shots, stove and worms work well in Lake Bull Shoals.
Black River is probably the best walleye stream in Missouri. Black River below the dam Clearwater – deep, slow and clear river in peradgor & # 39; s the Ozark Mountains. This river with a & # 39 is an excellent perch for spawning, and for many years there has been caught a very big fish.
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Local residents report that the best fishing usually occurs during the cold months in the fall, winter and spring. In summer perches becomes more sluggish, but still can be caught on live bait, especially at night. Device, grate and worms – the most popular methods for targeting the black river. In some areas the river may peradiratstsa, but a canoe or boat with a fisherman-Volyak set within a larger size.
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The current river – another good flow perch. This river flows through the heart of the Ozark Mountains and strongly applied in the spring. Best fishing in Valle is located in the lower reaches of the river, from the town of Van Buren Arkansas to the line. Methods of fishing on the river current is very similar to the black.

As you can see, in Missouri, there are many opportunities in the fishing pier. These are just a few of the best options, but there are plenty of other good water sports throughout the state of Missouri.


Climbing, falling, soaring – a dynamic and creative poetry!


Of course, this was a rare opportunity to meet me with Professor SD Wright personally during her visit to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She & # 39 is a well-known poet and distinguished professor of English at Brown University. The opportunity to talk face to face with such a brilliant and inspiring person, and listen to her poetry recital in one day – it really vzvyshayuchasts. In addition, get a copy of the book autographed, Climbing, Falling, floating, it is the choice of ice cream on top of the cake.

Professor Wright, of course, produced a master-piece of this writing poetry prize Climbing, falling, soaring. This is largely dynamic and exciting book of poetry. First of all, it is a poetic gloss and "deep fear" to cheers on the preparation and course of poetic images, to stimulate the mind, body and soul. Further, the architecture of poems in this book stimulates a sense of vision in terms of their diversity and how they motivate the reader to produce seeming poetic thoughts. Finally, based on the rewards that this book has received so far, we can say, "This is a magnificent literary edition of our time and age."

Comparative analysis of the verses, As the light on the back, which you can not see, but feel, On pages four and seventy-one, very interesting in content and tone. Additional compounds in the latter increase alertness lines. Have you ever said to his wife: "The way you turn off the light so I can get some sleep?" In this verse, you will find an allusion, and it's really fun and real. He also reads like a scene from a movie.

additionally, As a prisoner of the soft words on pages forty-six and seven-seven equally represented poetry movable and dynamic contrast anafarychnyh with an array of strings. Using action words in verse improves the interpretation of images projected by moving lines for the words act on feelings. For example: "We suspect that someone is watching one or another of us" and "We dropped a bit of cash on the table cloth", giving the curious figurative spirit in contrast to the two verses.

Climbing, falling, soaring It presented a historical essay, which covers a range of scenes, including: Mexico, cancer, war, Vashyngtontsy, language array of words, acts of war, Egypt, South America, the news, the funeral and many other interesting and intriguing topics. The scenes are very interesting and in the same sense, appealing to the senses. This is really some kind of emotional thing; This is very strange, but in a sense, jokingly, but does not feel aksemaronnay merits.

On the other hand, the book is balanced with humor. I laughed out loud reading a poem dedicated to "pass 13 Val Marta" and the man in the reptile section, sitting in a public place. I laughed so hard that people began to look at me. I showed them the book cover and told them: "Get your own copy!"

This book is packed: irony aliteratsyyay, inversion, metaphor, similarity, extended analogy, comparison, temporary staging, poetic style, unusual, dramatic structure, figurative language, and others.


When Your Borrower Hires a Public Adjuster: A Guide for Mortgage Servicers


Even outside of the annual Hurricane and wildfire seasons, natural disasters, accidents and unfortunate events occur on a daily basis. Many of these catastrophic events result in damage to the mortgagor’s property. The mortgagor often elects to have professional representation and hires a public insurance adjuster. The adjuster contacts the mortgagee to inform them they have been hired by the mortgagor to resolve the insurance claim on their behalf.

Many mortgage servicers do not fully understand the role of a public adjuster. This article provides some basic information and answers a few common questions.

There are three types of insurance adjusters:

1) Company Adjuster – Works in-house for an insurance company and only represents the interests of the insurer.

2) Independent Adjuster – Performs field work and investigates claims for an insurer.

3) Public Insurance Adjuster – The only type of adjuster licensed to work solely on behalf of the insured.

A public insurance adjuster will review all policies in effect to evaluate coverages and calculate the amount of loss. The claim will be presented to the insurer and eventually settled. Sometimes there is a difference of opinion between the insurer and the insured on the claim amount owed. The public adjuster will strongly advocate for the insured.

How does the PA interact with the mortgage servicer?

Since the insured has certain duties under the terms of the policy, they often rely on a public adjuster to assist them in identifying and completing those duties. For example, the insured must notify their mortgage servicer of their loss and will be required by the servicer to complete certain forms and provide claim-related documents.

When loss drafts are issued for building damage, the name of the insured/borrower, the PA and mortgagee should be included. The public adjuster and the borrower will endorse the checks and forward them to the servicer. The servicer then places the insurance proceeds into a restricted escrow account. Funds will be released from the account based on the loan status and specific language in the Deed of Trust.

Most often the PA will charge a percentage of the claim amount and will expect to be paid their percentage from each check that is issued. This is where some of the challenges may arise.

Additional tips:

1) In order for the insured (borrower) to retain a public adjuster they must sign a contract with the public adjuster and it should spell out any fees being charged. Servicers should obtain a copy of this agreement as well as a document, signed by the insured (their borrower), authorizing the public adjuster to communicate with the servicer. It should spell out the nature of their relationship and what types of information the public adjuster can obtain (if any) about the loan.

2) While dealing with damages to their property, many borrowers will experience a temporary inability to pay their mortgage. This is an excellent opportunity to refer the insured to the servicer’s loss mitigation unit to assist the borrower during this period.

3) How does the public adjuster get paid if the servicer does not release the proceeds?

a. It is the insured’s obligation to pay the public adjuster. They can pay them from other proceeds – such as from the personal property claim.

b. Servicers should obtain authorization from the insured before making any payments to the public adjuster.

c. Courts have held that a PA has an equitable lien on the insurance proceeds for their fee. If a borrower retains a PA and then eventually loses their property to foreclosure, the mortgagee is still obligated to pay the public adjuster’s fees.

4) What if the proceeds are not sufficient to repair the property?

a. Is the PA pursuing additional proceeds?

b. What is the reason for the difference?

c. Is the PA contemplating referring the claim to an appraiser (for an independent valuation of the claim)?

d. Has counsel been retained?

5) Be on the lookout for PAs that are heavily involved in the repair process. In some states, if a public adjuster has handled a claim on a property they are prohibited from also repairing the same property, or having a financial interest in the repair, due to a conflict of interest. The servicer should make sure the property is inspected at each stage of repair, and ensure that the borrower documents their satisfaction with the repairs, to prevent problems down the road.

6) What if the public adjuster refuses to endorse the settlement check and send it to the mortgagee?

a. The mortgagee should be in direct communication with the insured and public adjuster. If necessary, the mortgagee can ask the insurer to interplead the funds and ask the court to assist in resolution.

7) Is the mortgagee advised to cooperate with the public adjuster? Yes.

a. As the representative of the borrower, the adjuster is the most knowledgeable about the claim and in the best position to keep the mortgagee informed.

b. If the mortgagee finds the public adjuster to be non-cooperative or hostile they can reach out to the borrower to resolve whatever issue is at hand.

8) Who regulates public adjusters?

a. Public Insurance Adjusters are currently regulated in 46 states by each state’s Department of Insurance – or its equivalent. There are only a handful of states that do not require licensing.

b. Some states have fee caps regulating the amount a PA can charge for their services. You may want to make sure your borrower is aware of this.

c. As of the date of this article, three states, Alabama, Arkansas and Alaska, do not allow PAs to charge any fees and do not recognize PAs.

9) What are some of the things a servicer can do to check the background of the PA?

a. Licensing status can be verified on most state’s Department of Insurance website, in the state where the loss occurred in. This verification is made easier by asking the public adjuster for their license number.

b. Servicers can determine if the PA belongs to any professional trade association. The most reputable and oldest trade association is the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters NAPIA has a strict Code of Ethics that members must comply with. Additionally, NAPIA has minimum educational requirements that must be met.

Public Adjusters provide valuable services by assisting the insured in correctly valuing, adjusting and settling their claim. As the only licensed advocates of the insured, they should be considered a valuable resource in time of need. Maximizing the insurance settlement benefits the mortgagee as well as the borrower. Like all professions, not all PAs are created equal. If you encounter a public adjuster that seems to be a problem consider contacting their state insurance regulatory authority for assistance.


Veteran's Day Peacemakers Poetic Acrostic


An acrostic poem is fundamental to many, easy to write, follow and understand. It's a poem about any subject matter, which is easy to read and inspire the mind. This kind of poem can be written in a variety of styles, ways, or formats; however, the simplest is to put the letters that spell out the name of the subject matter down the side of the page. When this is completed, one is able to return to each letter, think of a corresponding word, phrase, metaphor, cliché, or sentence that starts with that letter and use anyone of them to describe the subject of the Acrostic. The following poem is an example of an acrostic which is written in the format described about Veteran's Day.

Veterans' Day Peacemakers Acrostic

V eteran's Day shines with varying validity of valor from very special and highly capable people

E ternal peace makers out front, eating dust like bread's crust with raised guidons as high steeples

T oeing the line of liberty for all, not afraid to fall, low crawling, enthralled tempests of tenacity

R allying on point, cold steel bayonets, palate dry, eyes wet, rattling teeth, combat boots on feet

A lways ready to answer the call, comrades standing tall, skirmishing, no time to fumble the ball

N ames at times in tombs unknown, mysteries untold, never growing old, hearts filled with gold

S oldiers not of fortune, everyday people moving like waves in a storm, informed they performed

D arkness they turned to light, bracing the firefight at times all night, they ignite with delight

A blaze with liberty, absolute equality, accompanied at times with brightly darkened memory

Y earning for the day, unyielding, unraveled faith of resolve resonating, yet never abandoning!


4 Highly-Ranked Teams (2 Unbeaten) Win By a Combined Total of 12 Points


Is anyone surprised that 4 ranked football teams – 3 of them very highly ranked – won their games by a combined total of 12 points this week? You should not be surprised that No. 1-ranked Oregon, 3rd-ranked TCU, 7th-ranked Stanford and 21st-ranked Nevada struggled mightily before finally prevailing.

The reason why is simple – these 4 ranked teams only have a combined 5 wins against other currently ranked teams. In other words, their combined won-loss record is 39-2 BUT they have not played a lot of competitive teams.

With the season winding down, they are now positioned against better competition and look a lot more vulnerable.

Take top-ranked Oregon. The Ducks were ranked 1st in the nation in scoring offense (54+ points per game) and total offense (567+ ypg) and 13th in scoring defense (17+ ppg) before they ran into California. The Bears who were not ranked in any top poll except Sagarin, which rated California – a 5-4 team that has played the 7th toughest schedule in the country – as the 24th best team.

Oregon eventually won this game 15-13 (a 2-point margin), but could just as easily have lost it as a 24-yard Bear field goal late in the game was called back on an illegal motion penalty by the kicker, who missed the 29-yard attempt on this second try. A successful kick would have given California a 16-15 lead they might have held.

The Ducks scored 58 offensive touchdowns in their first 9 nine games and managed 1 against California while registering their lowest point total in 10 years.

Can Oregon be beat? Despite the hype, of course the Ducks (10-0) can be beat, and still must face Arizona and Oregon State in the state's Civil War Game, a historically nasty game at best.

You could argue that Oregon was lucky to win, and a lot of fans, players and coaches would agree with you.

The 3rd-ranked TCU Horned Frogs were ranked 1st in scoring defense (8+ ppg) and total defense (215+ ypg), and 8th in scoring offense (41+ ppg) and total offense (492+ ypg) before they ran into the unranked San Diego State Aztecs.

TCU's impressive statistics were primarily because they had played weak teams all year. Even last week's 47-7 dismantling of then unbeaten 6th-ranked Utah looked far less impressive after Utah (now 8-2) was upset this week by a hapless 4-5 Notre Dame team, 28-3.

Is Utah any good? Are you kidding? The Utes unbeaten ride though the season was a fluke at best and a fraud at worst. Utah fell from 6th in the rankings to 15th last week to 25th this week. What's next, a Utah loss to San Diego State this coming week?

TCU had a two-touchdown deficit to San Diego State and could not get in control of the game until late in the 4th quarter, holding off an Aztec charge to escape with a 40-35 victory (a 5-point margin).

All of this talk about TCU being unstoppable and its defense being unstoppable is so much hogwash. TCU (11-0) has exactly one victory over a currently ranked team this year, and that was against the imposter Utah Utes. 'Nuff said.

The Horned Frogs final game is against a New Mexico team that is ranked 173rd among 120 Division 1-A schools. There are 58 AA teams ranked ahead of New Mexico that could probably beat the Lobos any day of the week and twice on Saturday. New Mexico should not even be playing in Division 1 this year.

All of this means the TCU Horned Frogs will end the season unbeaten at 12-0 and whining if they are not playing in the national championship game.

The 7th-ranked Stanford Cardinal (9-1) nearly lost a fistfight with unranked Arizona State before winning 17-13 (a 4-point margin). Only Stanford's defense and a long 4th-quarter scoring drive saved the Cardinal from losing. The Sun Devils (now 4-6) played tough, leading 13-10 before Stanford's scoring drive.

Stanford still must face California and Oregon State.

Nevada's 21st-ranked Wolf Pack has a lot of offense and little defense, and it showed against an unranked Fresno State team that darn near won. Fresno State scored 10 points to take a 34-28 lead before Vai Taua's 24-yard scamper put the Bulldogs away for good, 35-34 (a 1-point margin).

The Bulldogs piled up 444 yards of offense to Nevada's 416 yards, showing just how porous the Wolf Pack defense performs. When you give up 444 yards of offense and 34 points, you better have an even better offense.

The bottom line is the 4 unbeaten teams from last week are still unbeaten but now clearly can be beaten. Auburn and TCU are 11-0, Oregon is 10-0 and Boise State is 9-0.

Six ranked teams had slow starts before winning.

Baylor led 23rd-ranked Texas A&M 30-21 at the half but the Aggies won, 42-30, by holding the Bears scoreless in the 2nd half. North Carolina led 16th-ranked Virginia Tech 10-9 at the half but the Hokies rallied in the 2nd half with 17 points while holding the Tar Heels scoreless to win, 26-10. Kansas State gave 20th-ranked Missouri a game of it, but lost in the end, 38-28.

Bo Pelini's Nebraska Cornhuskers held Kansas to 87 yards total offense while winning, 20-3. The Jayhawks got exactly 5 first downs and were sacked 6 times. Texas held 12th-ranked Oklahoma State to a 3-all tie after the 1st quarter, but the Cowboys put up 23 points in the 2nd quarter, and went on to win 33-16.

Second-ranked Auburn scored first but then spotted Georgia 3 touchdowns before finally getting some separation in the last quarter to win, 49-31. All week long Auburn and its star quarterback Cam Newton had taken a beating in the press with allegations of wrongdoing, but Heisman-favorite Newton took it all in stride.

Newton was 12-for-15 passing for 148 yards and 2 touchdowns. More important, he rushed 30 times for 151 yards (5.0 yards per carry) and scored on runs of 1 and 31 yards. Onterio McCalebb added 3 touchdowns on short runs. By winning against Georgia, Auburn becomes the SEC West Division Champion and will face East Division Champion South Carolina for the SEC championship, and a spot in a BCS bowl game.

Seven other ranked teams coasted to at least 20-point victories.

The really good wins included 4th-ranked Boise State on the road over Idaho 52-14, 5th-ranked LSU at home over Louisiana-Monroe 51-zip, 6th-ranked Wisconsin at home over Indiana 83-20, 8trh-ranked Ohio State at home over Penn State 38-14, 11th-ranked Alabama at home over 17th-ranked Mississippi State 30-10, 14th-ranked Arkansas over UTEP 58-21, and 19th-ranked Oklahoma over Texas Tech, 45-7.

Among the 7 romps, Wisconsin's was most impressive. The Badgers 83 points scored were their best offensive performance in 95 years, it was the most points by a major school this season, it matched the highest scoring total in the Big Ten Conference since Ohio State's 83-21 victory over Iowa in 1950, and it was the most points by Wisconsin since an 85-zip win over Marquette in 1915.

Wisconsin's Montee Bell ran for 3 touchdowns in his first career start, James White ran for 2 more, and Scott Tolzien threw for 3 touchdowns. The Badgers scored on all 12 of their possessions. Did Wisconsin run up the score? Besides Indiana, who cares?

Penn State won the 1st half against Ohio State, 14-3, but the Buckeyes won the 2nd half, 35-zip.

Five ranked teams were upset, costing virtually every one of them a more prominent bowl game invite in the weeks ahead. They included Iowa (now 7-3), Utah (8-2), Arizona (7-3), Florida (6-4) and Central Florida (7-3). All were upended by unranked teams except Florida.

Northwestern beat 13th-ranked Iowa 21-17, Notre Dame beat 15th-ranked Utah 28-3, Southern Cal beat 18th-ranked Arizona 24-21, 22nd-ranked South Carolina beat 24th-ranked Florida 36-14, and Southern Mississippi beat 25th-ranked Central Florida 31-21.

The best upset win was by South Carolina, as the Gamecocks (7-3 overall and 5-3 in the SEC) clinched the Eastern Division of the SEC, and snapped a 12-game losing streak to Florida.

Southern Cal's win put the Trojans back into the AP Poll at 20th place, and Miami's 35-10 win over Georgia Tech gave them the 24th spot. To make room for both of these returning Top 25 teams, Florida and Central Florida (UCF) were kicked out of the Poll.

By winning, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Texas A&M all climbed in the AP Poll, Southern California and Miami FL climbed back into the Poll, and by losing Iowa, Mississippi State, Arizona and Utah all lost significant ground.

No. 10 Michigan State and the unranked Washington Huskies were idle this week.

Four unranked teams became bowl eligible this week by winning – East Carolina, West Virginia, South Florida and Army.

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Daniel Kamen Is the First Animal Chiropractic Pioneer


Spinal adjustments and preventative chiropractic care isn’t just for two-legged mammals. Animal chiropractic wellness is a fast-growing cottage industry-must to the chagrin of some veterinary groups, which are trying to prevent seminars of the topic from taking place.

For example, in 1995 chiropractor Daniel Kamen held his first animal chiropractic technique seminar that was open to the general public as well as licensed chiropractors and veterinarians. It sold out. And so did the next. Since then, he has conducted more than 400 seminars and written three bestselling books on the subject: The Well Adjusted Dog, The Well Adjusted Horse, and The Well Adjusted Cat. However, several states have banned Kamen from speaking on the basis it was considered a violation of veterinary laws because he was teaching non-professionals to adjust or manipulate their pets.

The states prohibiting seminars on animal chiropractic treatments include Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Washington. Nevada went so far as even threatening legal action if the chiropractor didn’t remove seminar announcements from his website.

Kamen believes it all boils down one thing, and that’s not concern for the animals-it’s all about money. He believes vets are worried clients will opt against expensive hip dysplasia surgery, which can cost as much as $5,000, if pet owners can manage the condition on their own through chiropractic techniques.

Kane also shows owners how chiropractic manipulation can help Fido better control his bladder. He claims it takes just four minutes a day and can help prevent in-house accidents. Horse owners have also become devoted followers of Kamen’s tips on keeping horses flexible and physically well-adjusted. He says thoroughbred trainers and barrel racers have embraced his pre-race adjusting treatments that Kamen states can both increase efficiency and reduce run times.

Now retired, Kamen only holds one seminar a year, which attract attendees from all over the world. He recalls the time a Saudi Arabian prince once flew his personal chiropractor to a seminar in Philadelphia so he could learn how to adjust the prince’s prized Arabians.

The animal chiropractic field has advanced to where there is a national veterinary chiropractic association that certifies practitioners. However, currently there are still less than 200 professional animal chiropractors nationwide who work full time at the specialty. And not surprisingly, most veterinary boards have shut out human chiropractors who are also certified in animal chiropractic.

Kamen believed his seminars are so popular because pet owners are frustrated with trying to find chiropractic care for their household pets or show horses that suffered from neck, back, and leg pain. So now, they just have to go to the book store and get one of Kamen’s books.


Haiku Pattern – Crawling, Running Feet


The haiku poem is a Japanese traditional form. It was given its current name by the Japanese poet Masaoka Shiki (1867-1902), who was a reformer and revisionist near the end of the 19th century. Traditionally, the lines are 5-7-5. The first line has five syllables, the second seven syllables, and the third five syllables. The total syllable count is seventeen. The haiku is similar to the senryu poem; however, the haiku addressees nature while the senryu addresses an emotional state of being or relationship. Unlike a senryu poem, the haiku poem has a Kigo word which relates to a season of the year. The haiku poem was first named the hokku poem by Japanese poet, Matsuo Basho (1644-1694). The modern contemporary haiku poem takes many forms and does not subscribe to the traditional form of syllable count and Kigo word. The following is a series which shows the essence of the contemporary haiku poem:

Crawling, Running Feet Haiku


Across the wall-

Spider moving fast

Up an oak tree

Acorn in its mouth

Squirrel with fast legs


Rain splatter of roof

Water leaks down wall

Cricket in the grass

Crawls behind a blade…

Singing a song

Floating down stream

On a rotten tree limb:/

A worm whispers softly


Between the high rocks

Lizard sleeps snoring

The frogs are singing

In the high marshes

Surrounding the pond

On a lone fencepost

It silently crawls and rests

Feet of a snail

Moving with fast lights

Sending many signals

Fireflies dancing

Don’t spray me:

Cried the wasp…

Trapped in the window

I was thinking-

Suddenly I saw the snail

Passing me by

Mosquitoes swarming

Singing strange song

Their national anthem


Historical Events Poem – Agony of Thirst



July 4, 1187, Knights Templers fought one of the

Bloodiest crusade's battles at the Horns of Hattin.

In the hot desert sun they found no water to quench

Their thirst . Saladin's men completely enclosed

The crusaders sealing their fate. Saladin spared none

Except for their Grand Master. Saladin said to

King Guy, "Have no fear. It is not the custom of kings

To kill kings, "after giving him a drink of water.

Thirst brought their failure-defeated.


Battle of Ankara, July 20, 1402,

Fought around Cubuk, Anakara.

Sultan Bayazed I, faced Timur

The conqueror, Ruler of Timurid

Empire Turku-Mongol forces.

Battle raged at Catal Hill, in Cubuk Valley.

Timur diverted the water supply to off-stream

Reservoir leaving Sultan Bayazed's army

Thirsty . Sultan Baized escaped into mountains

Timur pursued, captured Bayazed-defeated.


Battle of Maychew, March 31, 1936,

Northern Front Second Italo-Abyssinian War.

Haile Selassie send message to wife

Empress Menen Asfaw, "Soldiers dead,

Wounded, enemy also injured, 20,000 battle

Weary, thirsty survivors. "Emperor's thirsty

Army marched to Lake Ashangi. Water of Lake

Ashangi was sprayed with deadly chemicals

By the Italian Royal Air Force, poisoned.

Emperor's thirsty army-defeated.


Battle of Medina, August 18, 1813,

20 miles south of San Antonio, Texas.

Gutierrez-Magee Republican Forces

Fought the Mexican War of Independence

Against Spanish Gen. José Olivarez de Toledo,

And Dubois Spanish Royalist Army led by

Gen. Joaquín de Arredondo. Republicans, hot,

Thirsty , tired, broke ranks and ran-defeated.


Conquest of Egypt, summer 1798, invaded

and occupied by Napoleon's army. French

Troops landed at Alexandria. Marched, tired,

And thirsty to Cairo. Beset by Bedouin

Irregular fighters. Towns and villages

Leading to Cairo turned violently deadly

Against occupiers. August 1799, Bonaparte

abandoned Egypt, left his troops-defeated.


Bataan Death March 1942,

78,000 US and Philippine soldiers

Surrendered to Japanese. March more

Than 65 miles to prison camps in

Scorching heat of Philippine's jungle.

Fifteen thousand died en route

Thirsty and had no water. Most

Devastating time of conflict during

World War II-captured.


Battle of Monmouth, June 28, 1778,

Heroine Mary Ludwig Hayes, was

Nicknamed "Molly Pitcher."

Fought at Valley Forge beside

Her husband William Hayes, a gunner.

Legendary-she cooled hot guns,

And bathe parched throats.

Across bullet-swept ground

Her striped skirt fluttered.

Brought pitcher after pitcher of

Cooled spring water to exhausted

Thirsty soldiers. Towns named

"Molly Pitcher Spring." – Survivalist!

© Joseph S. Spence, Sr., 8/8/09

© All Rights Reserved


Template Haiku – pedestrian streets of Paris-Harting


Haiku poem is a Japanese traditional form. Its current name it has received from the Japanese poet Masaoka Shyki (1867-1902), who was a reformer and revisionist around the end of the 19th century. Traditionally, line up 5-7-5. The first row consists of five syllables, the second seven warehouses, third five warehouses. Total warehouse is seventeen. Haiku is like a senryu poem; however haiku refers to nature and Sandry solves the emotional state of being or relationships. Unlike senryu poem, a haiku poem is the word of Kigali relating to the season of the year. Haiku poem was first named poem haiku by the Japanese poet Matsuo bashoe (1644-1694). Modern contemporary haiku poem takes many forms and is not subject to the traditional form of the warehouse account and the word Kigo. Next comes a series that shows the essence of modern haiku poem:

Walking the streets of Paris-Harting

The streets of Paris cute

gold for my tired feet

feeding birds.

Walk through the Grand Louvre

Museum of the great stories

Pretty Mona Lisa.


very loudly, I waved my horn


Natural plot spring

Montmartre cemetery

Edgar Degas rest.

New York Bar Harry

on Rue Daunou Paris, France

Ernest Hemingway.

French Moulin Rouge

beautiful dancing girl

Parisian cabaret.

Ramses the Great

Paris Egyptian obelisks

Cleopatra's Needle.

students farewell

The Latin Quarter and Walter


Bad guys inside

Paris de la Bastille

Bastylskaya prison.

cowboy dog

The Adventures of Rin-tin-tin

Cimetiere des Chiens.

the Napoleonic wars

the tomb of the unknown soldier

The Arc de Triomphe.

King Louis XVI

Queen Maria Antonet

Eksperyant Chapelle.

Crown of thorns klyashtena

Paris Notre-Dame de Paris

saving grace above.


Pro Se Primer 101 – number 2 – Security Tool: the main thing in your fight against fraud with the repayment


Judge: (answering the Borrower)

Mr. Borrower, at Cornell University, they have incredible scientific equipment, known as Tunneling Electron Microscope. Now the microscope is so powerful that by burning the electrons can actually see images of the atom infinitesimal building blocks of our universe. Mr. borrower, if I have now used this microscope, I still could not find my interest in your problem.

TV series Frasier.

Is the "Security Tool" sounds like a part of your home? If you go to court, your bidder / lender will require you to sign it with their eyes wide open. What the hell is this, right? Well, that's a key part in every single illegal forecasting since the mid-1990s.

In the first "Pro se Primer 101 Terms you need to know to deal with illegal foreclosures, which can be found on this website, I have described the relationship" essential "document (document accurately, but this primer 101), which is a bill and it is a debt you should.

You allegedly signed a promissory note and the security instrument (mortgage or trust) at closing. But I am sure that 99% did not know my readers about this document, and if they saw him again, they would not recognize him as his.

But this security tool & # 39 is the only document used by these brilliant lawyers on behalf of a fictitious payee (this legal term) to throw away something you and your & # 39; nd Street. They used it for redemption borrowers, and not only that which is unlawful is incredibly stupid. But he was working against nothing padazravalnyh borrowers about 20 million times.

You understand that the security tool designed to fulfill your bills, and this book of rules for your loan. It describes your loan. It describes that the bill, and it is the only evidence that you even received the loan. It describes what happens when you have to repay the loans, and describes what can and can make all the parties if you can not repay your loan.

But this does not prove that the party belongs to ransom your bill. It has no value and can not transfer ownership of your loan (bill).

Yet the only statement that I have ever seen from these "exceptions sides," – this is what they have been assigned a security tool, which means that they can take your home.

This is not true. But almost every recovery in the last 20 years carried out by assigning security tool.

But let's go back to the 1st Program 101 Pro Se and the word "mortgage". We talked about it with the two definitions or meanings, but it is not out of & # 39 is a legitimate way. The word "mortgage" – it's basically slang term for "home loan" for citizens in all 50 states and the District of Columbia and some of the semi-island. For you, the people in the court recovery, which means that you may be excluded only party that really has a legitimate legal interest in the property and goes to the appropriate court and sues for the recovery. The injunction is much better for the borrower.

But the loss of judicial foreclosure states that they called security tool in their states mortgage. Therefore, you who live in these states have a loan for housing, consisting of a promissory note and mortgage. Of course, this is confusing.

Now I confuse you even more. security tool in non-judicial states is called trust.

I won I can not straighten it all the same primers. You see, the phrase "trust" has two of the three words that will be the subject of how it all works and how it's not all workout.

Let's talk about the word business. A lot of you out there are confused. Word Trust has three different meanings. You can see that it goes from here. I just get to those. I know you're interested.

Thus, take it out of this article, the bill is important, and the mortgage or trust agreement random. Exception handling "under the mortgage" means that only the mortgage has been used as a rule book. You exclude recourse to the instrument.

This may help. I say this all the time.

& # 39; If you make a house payment, you do not pay your house as we speak. If you make a payment for a house, what you are really doing is returning the bill, signed by you.

But it is the judge who cheat. "Mortgage assignment" sounds like the transfer of credit for housing, but it is NOT. In fact, you can not charge the mortgage. It belongs to the bill. Thus, the purpose of the mortgage does not do anything, because the bill does not go for a mortgage (security tool). But mortgage debt is always worth the bill.

I promise you I'm right. If you have been eliminated since 1995, generally nowhere in this bill, and your appeal is based on the transfer of a mortgage loan in judicial states. Not because it's legal. In fact, this is not legal. It simply can not be done.

Well, you ask me, how did it happen? Well, I tried to maintain the integrity of our faith in the American courts, but I was a fool.

The majority of judges in the United States or (1) never read the laws relating to money loan, (2) too stupid (forgive me, but the other way to say it) to understand basic American law, even if they are reading it, or (3) prejudiced and biased, and lawyers of the country (which everyone knows that it is a cult, as the one who is fighting with Kevin Bacon hero Ryan Hardy in the "next") will not contest judges when they are wrong. All the law which you want to call me, like my clients, and tell me what you find even a good law, that you want to show me.

Our laws are not bad, and my customers can not be. This, of course, those same players who we trust, and we must be able to trust, and we can not believe that moved twenty-seven million American & # 39; families, making them essentially refugees. If every family & # 39; and about 3 people, it is 60 million American refugees. More than all the world's problems are taken. It's still going on.

If only evil wins when good people do nothing, what are you going to do?

Existing state PRAVYKI:

Connecticut, Delaware, Florida. Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana,

Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York,

North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota,

Vermont, Wisconsin

Oklahoma, South Dakota and Wisconsin in their legislation on the state law provide pravasub & # 39; ektnae penalty; However, lawsuits for recovery of legal sanctions common


Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, California, Colorado,

District of Columbia, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi,

Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Oregon, Tennessee,

Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, Wyoming


Hideki Haiku Ishykura drunk – a glass of wine


Hideki Ishykura studied French literature at the University of Tokyo. He writes poems in traditional Chinese forms and fixed over the past 12 years, has written more than 30 000 works in Chinese in more than 300 forms. Since Japanese people use Chinese characters in their own language, this process allows them easy to learn and write Chinese poetry. Listening to his recitals strange, interesting and exciting. Terzetto, he writes, are equally enlightening and uplifting.

Below is a striking example of his gift and tenacious style of writing using humor to enhance the interpretation of his works:

Therefore it is not enough talent

B & # 39; e chicken and insults sabaku-

Much resentment at Muse

I had a friend to read the Terzetto, and he said that was how he felt after reading the verse, which he does not understand. But what about this, I asked? He started to laugh because it was one of the funniest Terzetto that he had ever read. Naturally, you can see the humor in this work; as a poet insults the dog and such a thing?

No less serious & # 39; the following serious words of the poem and the philosophy of the subject. This verse returns the mind to nature and natural things:

There are flowers and n & # 39; e dew

When she lip sings

Breathe dance moth

Here Ishykura implanting an image in the mind of the reader about the nature. Obviously, the question is, who, what and why? Representation permitted to examine all dimensions. You have to understand that the voice of everything under the sun; equally appropriate dance butterfly for each level of the existence of life.

This book is not divided into sections by name; He numbered the pages only. Verses are written in four different languages, including English for the convenience of readers and other nations. The next verse takes the reader to another dimension:

In the clouds on the mountain top

singing bird

whose soul?

The upcoming theory here shifts the emphasis to the theme of this poem immortality of the soul. Rhetorical line to put a question about the process of circulation in the life and nature. Top of the mountain is alive, as the valley but the top of the mountain is selected in the board to match the clouds instead of the fog in the valley, which would work equally well.

It is obvious that the mind of the poet should be such that there is, and to see things that normal people do not, and will not see or comprehend the same. As a result, creativity flows naturally when poets awake or asleep. Brain waves are always working and kanatatsyyna work with evolution, because it is a dynamic process, not a static one. Next Terzetto gives an example:

A dragon head

lumberjack pulls the saw

to get the horn

The sequence of this evolutionary process in a dynamic manner. Dragon concept from the past that spits fire, move to the Magic Dragon success. Of course, a single image of the dragon here reflects the brutal murder of humanity and making tusks of elephants in Africa and Asia for the highest price.

This book is packed with beautiful words of wisdom to ignite the mind and soul to think outside of the norm. It is a process that carries the souls of men on top of the mountain for the renewal of life in a new form, where the mind is young and fresh with uzmatsnyayuchymi thoughts.