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Accelerated Helicopter Training Boston Massachusetts

1 instructor, 1 student. That's the guiding principle behind accelerated helicopter training with North Andover Flight Academy. Our accelerated helicopter training program is designed specifically for individuals that have a fixed amount of time in which to get their helicopter licenses - private, instrument rating, commercial, ATP, CFI, or CFII.

Accelerated helicopter flight training allows you to arrive at the flight school knowing you have a dedicated instructor ready to assist you with your training goals!

While we maintain a "traditional" helicopter flight school, our acelerated programs are tailored to individuals that have the time (4 weeks) alotted to complete their training.

Our accelerated helicopter training utilizes the following principles:

  • Schedule the 4 consecutive weeks in advance (2 weeks for ATP or CFII);
  • We will assist with hotel reservations if needed;
  • Call ahead for training materials to be sent to you before your arrival;
  • Talk with you instructor to determine training schedule and needs;

North Andover Flight Academy has specialized in accelerated helicopter training since inception and has had great results utilizing our Part 141 helicopter training programs.

What to Expect:

  • A DEDICATED instructor - you are their ONLY student;
  • 30 days of scheduled training;
  • 2 flight lessons per day (weather permitting);
  • 1 ground lesson per day;
  • multiple Pilot Examiners to choose from;
  • Check ride scheduled as soon as you arrive;
  • Pilot kit with all necessary materials sent in advance;
  • Choose from Part 141 or Part 61 training;
  • Private, Instrument, Commercial, CFI, CFII, ATP;
  • Large fleet of Robinson R22 and R44 helicopters;
  • Maintenance and overhaul shop on premises;
  • Several full-time, experienced instructors on staff;

Email or call us at 978-689-7600 for more information on our accelerated helicopter training programs.