Climbing, falling, soaring – a dynamic and creative poetry!

Of course, this was a rare opportunity to meet me with Professor SD Wright personally during her visit to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She & # 39 is a well-known poet and distinguished professor of English at Brown University. The opportunity to talk face to face with such a brilliant and inspiring person, and listen […]

When Your Borrower Hires a Public Adjuster: A Guide for Mortgage Servicers

Even outside of the annual Hurricane and wildfire seasons, natural disasters, accidents and unfortunate events occur on a daily basis. Many of these catastrophic events result in damage to the mortgagor’s property. The mortgagor often elects to have professional representation and hires a public insurance adjuster. The adjuster contacts the mortgagee to inform them they […]

4 Highly-Ranked Teams (2 Unbeaten) Win By a Combined Total of 12 Points

Is anyone surprised that 4 ranked football teams – 3 of them very highly ranked – won their games by a combined total of 12 points this week? You should not be surprised that No. 1-ranked Oregon, 3rd-ranked TCU, 7th-ranked Stanford and 21st-ranked Nevada struggled mightily before finally prevailing. The reason why is simple – […]

Daniel Kamen Is the First Animal Chiropractic Pioneer

Spinal adjustments and preventative chiropractic care isn’t just for two-legged mammals. Animal chiropractic wellness is a fast-growing cottage industry-must to the chagrin of some veterinary groups, which are trying to prevent seminars of the topic from taking place. For example, in 1995 chiropractor Daniel Kamen held his first animal chiropractic technique seminar that was open […]

Template Haiku – pedestrian streets of Paris-Harting

Haiku poem is a Japanese traditional form. Its current name it has received from the Japanese poet Masaoka Shyki (1867-1902), who was a reformer and revisionist around the end of the 19th century. Traditionally, line up 5-7-5. The first row consists of five syllables, the second seven warehouses, third five warehouses. Total warehouse is seventeen. […]

Pro Se Primer 101 – number 2 – Security Tool: the main thing in your fight against fraud with the repayment

Judge: (answering the Borrower) Mr. Borrower, at Cornell University, they have incredible scientific equipment, known as Tunneling Electron Microscope. Now the microscope is so powerful that by burning the electrons can actually see images of the atom infinitesimal building blocks of our universe. Mr. borrower, if I have now used this microscope, I still could […]

Hideki Haiku Ishykura drunk – a glass of wine

Hideki Ishykura studied French literature at the University of Tokyo. He writes poems in traditional Chinese forms and fixed over the past 12 years, has written more than 30 000 works in Chinese in more than 300 forms. Since Japanese people use Chinese characters in their own language, this process allows them easy to learn […]