Courses nursing assistants in Arkansas


If you live in Arkansas and are considering car & # 39; CNA career, you make a good choice. Jobs Cna increases due to changes in health care reform and the aging population. CNA is now taking on more responsibility, working under the supervision of a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse, which gives them a lot of experience in the health sector. Working as a CNA – is the first step to building a successful car & # 39; health EASURES. Many of the CIS eventually continued his education to become a nurse license.

learning options

training options in Arkansas for CNA training with & # 39 are: a visit to a community or technical college that offers CNA training program, either in Arkansas also has a lot of nursing homes that offer free CNA training. In these nursing homes usually require a year of work in exchange for training and may be paid an hourly wage while learning. Call your local nursing home and ask, or they provide these benefits. This is a great way to get a head start in the field of public health, since a large part of your training will take place in a nursing home.

CNA Schools in Arkansas

  • Arkansasskaya nurse Academy offers a program approved Arkanzaskim on long-term aid office, which corresponds to state and federal regulations. This program prepares CNAs to test for certification exam for CNA Arkansas and successfully operates in the field of medicine.
  • Black River Technical College offers a program assistant for nursing care, which prepares the SNA for the exam in Arkansas. This college also has a local nursing home, which sponsuyuts students, which allows you to attend the program free of charge.

Internet research

  • Internet research – a convenient way to take the program CNA, if you do not have time to attend classes because of work or family responsibilities. Just make sure to check with the State Board of Nursing assistants to ensure that the program is acceptable, and if you have to undergo additional tests before testing for licensing. Some programs require additional training, and this is what you want to know before you start.

Arkansas certification passport nurses and nurses

Arkanzaski Department of Health and Consumer Services has signed a contract with Prometric for exam management of competencies in Arkansas nursing assistant and nursing assistant registry management. After passing the exam on the competence of your name will be automatically placed in the register of nurses aides. This system is there for some time and works well.


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