The law of dismissal of teachers in Arkansas


Law Arkanzasskaga fair dismissal of teachers (TFDA), codified at Arkanzaskim Code Annotated section 6-17-1501 and the following sections, – it is the law of Arkansas, which protects teachers in the areas of public schools from arbitrary and illegal termination. To cancel or otherwise modify a contract teacher, you need to take certain measures. This law provides valuable protection against unjustified termination of teachers, but can provide even more protection for valuable school district from frivolous lawsuits with proper implementation of the law. Below are some highlights of the law:

Contract teacher each year is automatically extended for the same conditions and salary, with the exception of those laws of reduced or increased, if the teacher does not report other before May 1 of the contract year. If the head has decided to recommend a non-renewal or termination of, the teacher needs to give a message and indicate the reasons for the recommendation to "smart" teacher could prepare a defense.

The teacher can be stopped or deflected during the term of the contract, but only for the following reasons: reduction of force in accordance with school district policies; incompetent execution; behavior that substantially interferes with the further implementation of the duties of the teacher; repeated or material neglect of official duties; and other just and reasonable cause. The conductor may immediately suspend a teacher of reason without prior notice or hearing, but a written notice must be given to the teacher for two days after the suspension, and a hearing must be provided by the school requirement.

Any teacher who receives a notification of the recommended extension, termination or suspension, may ask to hear in school. School Board can not consider any new reasons for the recommendations, except that it was stated in the message of the teacher. The school board may accept, reject or modify the recommendations of the head, but must do so within ten days after the hearing and should make specific written findings. The decision of the school board with a & # 39 is final with respect to teachers, testers or those less than three years in a row in any area. Scientists who do not pass the test can apply to the court within 75 days after the adoption of the decision of the school. However, this does not interfere with any of the teacher, testing and neprabavalnamu, before the & # 39; is an additional claim either to the federal or the state court for a variety of claims, for example, certain forms of discrimination.

This law is not a & # 39 is the charter of the teacher, as the Arkansas recognizes stay in school K-twelfth Rather, the law ensures that teachers in public school districts are appropriate procedures. And school districts, and teachers should seek legal advice under any contracts.


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