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Last night I watched a very disturbing and instructive video about drugs, the CIA and the US government's corruption. The name "CONSPIRACY", "Secret History", "The secret heart of America" ​​- C.I.A. & Drugs. Producers with a & # 39 are new scientific ideas. Every American should see this video.

It seems that people abroad are aware of the CIA's more than most Americans. Of course, there is a reason. Our media are censored in matters of "national security." As you know, national security – a topic that a & # 39 is in the strangest places.

America's addiction to us is worth more than $ 16 billion a year and has killed more people than the war in B & # 39; etname. Who profits and who is responsible? Follow the money.

Ironically, when the first lady Nancy Reagan said: "Just say no to drugs". CIA and Barry Seal brought them from Medelin, Colombia. Agency cocaine once it has been sold in the United States to buy and deliver weapons to Nicaragua. Oliver North was actively involved in the fiasco.

Anyone in Mena, Arkansas, who tried to expose this circle of corruption, including the chief prosecutor, has been threatened or killed. When the two young men saw drugs on railroad tracks in Arkansas, they were immediately shot down. Cover held by all local and state government. President Clinton was then governor of Arkansas. He played to silent, after which he received a lot of money on drugs donated to the presidential campaign.

President Bush was no less responsible as a former director of the CIA. His attentive eye and a reading of the CIA briefings, which he as a former president is still read every day, making it the same responsibility during his tenure as vice president. At least they got the word sin?

People who have caused an epidemic of cocaine, swept the nation in the 1980s, were not blacks in the ghetto. Many of them in those days could hardly earn a salary, let alone illegally smuggle drugs into the country by plane. If the US has a satellite technology that can read the letters on the golf balls, there should be no difficulties in tracing similar to smugglers and bin Laden. That is, if you do not secretly work with them.

A three-year investigation into the life and times of Barry Force, one of the CIA and successful drug smugglers most famous agent in the history of America, revealed the extent of government corruption across America.

When Mena, Arkansas, was brought up during the trial of Oliver North, suddenly everything went into closed quarters from public view. Why? That the government knows it does not want to know the American people?

If the international organization for the dissemination of drug vertically on the & # 39; unite around our government, there is reason for concern. Dan Harmon was involved in obstructing justice in the local district of Saline, Arkansas. He was charged and convicted to 5 of 11 charges. Adsmoktvayuchy bird shameful secret operations, Harmon never before & # 39; an accusation of murder in the death of the two trains. After his release from prison, Harmon received the title. I believe that it is worth to connect and play together.

Lawyer New Orleans Sam Dalton with the nerve to say: "If the government is involved in such activities, the CIA, and begins to avoid natural events and natural course of history, this is where the government becomes a criminal whole thing disappears in mind if you want a scandal, is investigating retired.. DEA agents, who do not have a value, and put it together. If the American people do not force the government to quickly begin to act, we are going to reach the point of return. "

With Barry Forces and the CIA, are engaged in the drug trade, they found in the deep south some compliant and cooperative governors. Hence, the late president's list, chosen from the south.

The FBI went to the police office in New Orleans, grabbed the trunk and went with him when he died Barry Seal. State judge should reinforce lawyer Sam Dalton and hold the FBI in contempt of court in order to obtain the necessary evidence to determine. Sam Dalton also wanted to subpoena the CIA, but he could not do it.

Jaws will not end until the sheriff meets the shark. Arkansas Mena proved the biggest point drop in drug use across the country, the industry $ 130 billion. Finance public covert operation, apparently, quite simply, when the entire airport staff is ready to play. On a secret CIA war years 1981-1987 writes Woodward. Clinton were partners in government.

To see the real culprits, look around on the periphery – no smoking, and bent branches. Pay attention to the death, fire, threats and attacks on humans. Dan Laster, convicted drug dealer, was a big fan of Clinton. Jerry Parks, head of Clinton, Governor of Security, was killed by a hail of fire after colleagues said he was a dead man in a month after Vince Foster died. Criminal investigative Arkansas Russell Welch got poisonous anthrax military level, is sprayed in the face of the probe for his cover-up.

Karanatar Arkansas Bobby Malick (Egyptian) came up, saying that he had never made a mistake in 7000 autopsies. When the two young men who were killed on the tracks for what they saw drugs, Malik said that it was suicide. If the parents did not believe, he decided to let them know that the boys in their system have a large amount of marijuana. However, on the second autopsy revealed that the stabbing took place together with the punches in the face, resembling example a gun. Light boys 3 times more than the normal amount of blood, which indicated that they were not killed by the impact of the train.

Sheriff Jim shame, another member of the cover, called it a thorough investigation. The boy's mother did not agree, considering that stop her son left lying on the train for two days. Green stroller, seen by many train after exposure, also called into question the government's cover-up.

Prosecutor Jean Duffy was one of the few who would not have played. She was threatened and eventually fled the city. She thought that she faces life and moved to X & # 39; Euston, Texas, where now teaches high school geometry. Duffy was appointed head of the Federal Specialized Group on Drugs in Arkansas. On the day when she was appointed Gary Arnold came in and told her that it is not necessary to use special forces to investigate any government officials.

Duffy was put in half a dozen undercover agents. They could not significantly exceed the level of the street, but when we started to connect public servants to protect the drug dealers, the name of Dan Harmon has come at once and more. Death Train became the most famous unsolved mystery in the history of Arkansas. She has received national attention and wrote about it a thousand newspapers. However, possible witnesses to the & # 39 were dead.

Drops drug from aircraft low flight level to which the locals have heard a lot of the night, never investigated by the law enforcement agencies of the region. Drugs were thrown in the same area, where Kevin and Dawn on the railroad tracks were killed.

Prosecutor Jean Duffy was on the & # 39; subject of the brain. Basically, it was too close to the 7th Judicial District. Hence she was fired to cover their asses. In 1991, a secret agent of addiction Loelen Scott refused to work, saying, "Beyond the scenes dirt too much." He served in Solin districts, Grant and Hot Springs. Later, he said, bad drug group, saying: "In this area, shipped corruption, which has important and powerful because of the political, judicial and law enforcement authorities."

As an officer under cover, Scott gathered evidence of illegal activity, but somehow Drug Group decided to ignore it. He retired because of layoffs Jeanne Duffy, Administrator narkakampanii.

In June 1990, Dan Harmon was the elected district prosecutor. The first press conference and interviews & # 39; nd Harmon was completely used to discredit Jean Duffy, who stripped and forced to flee to X & # 39; Euston, Texas, because her life was in danger.

Prosecutor Dan Harmon was on the tracks at night, when the boys were killed. State Police are not doing their job. Mother of dead boys promised convictions in a federal investigation in 1990, when Chuck Banks suddenly stopped the investigation in June 1991.

Other evidence and facts that tie all of this, is that in the 1980s, a former senior CIA officer led a second home in Medelin, Colombia.

Some other juicy bits of information. The first national program of Oliver North's office was at the airport Laguna, where the runway 1400 pounds of cocaine was found.

Southern Air Transport, which is owned and operated by the CIA, the agency introduced a subcontractor for plausible admavu when they were engaged in drug and arms trafficking. How does the Agency, the privatization of US intelligence.

The British version of "Big History" for 60 minutes showed a trace of drug smuggling and launching weapons, which led to the door of the White House. It exposed the gross government cover-up covering seven investigations and several long boring years. The show, which detects the connection of cocaine, was immediately banned in the US for a few hours after the release.

During the trial of Oliver North was distracted about 500 documents for 3 days. All our enemies know it, but the North wanted to cover up and keep it from Congress. Even surfing in Nicaragua called the place to surf in the agency. As for the changes, Arkansas, there is a population of "Operation Black Eagle", the most massive covert operation in US history.

1101 Mena St – a secret history of our life and times, when a nation sells drugs and weapons. It is a small obscure town in western Arkansas, where about 5,000 people live. Without towers and flight monitoring, Barry Seal decided that the "Mena" from the & # 39 is the perfect place for the flight and exit without recording. In the 1980s, Barry put the US up to 5 billion cocaine. Mena was where he relied on a cargo airline and one of three parked airplanes S123 that traveled to Colombia and Nicaragua.

Already only mention of barter in sending spikes government officials promote individuals for many years. Nice to see how Democrats and Republicans are working on something. Doping of America – truly bipartisan cover.


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