Laws and regulations on hunting bear Arkansas

You can legally hunt bears in Arkansas, as long as you stick to the rules and regulations established by the State. This guide was created in 2010 to help hunters to teach the rules of hunting for bear in Arkansas. We hope that it will make sense in some regulations, too much may seem impossible.

You have to have a commission which issued bear the label and the bear resolution. There is a fine of $ 100 to $ 1,000 for not extracting the proper resolution and bear the brand under the law of Arkansas. You can get them on the Internet at Arkanzaskay committee on games and fish.

There are restrictions on the type of device that will be used to destroy the bears during the hunting for them. This includes the implementation of the Commission's 6:02, 8:04, 8:06 and 7:02. You can see these codes on its web site; the laws of the rifle and arbaletse that are not included in the main on the & # 39; the amount of this article, in fact, you can not use a gun 20-caliber and more, using only a rifled slug. The penalty for non-compliance – from 100 to 1000 dollars and does not include penalties for violation of legislation on state weapons.

You should be certain about the & # 39; the amount of protective orange on his body. It should be worn over the waist line and consist of a color range from 595 nm to 605 nm (orange hunting) or fluorescent color charts in the range of 55 nm to 565 nm (Hunter Safety Green). You must be at least 400 square inches of said colors and color should be noticeably wearing a fluorescent orange or fluorescent clothing for the head. Their punishment is from 50 up to $ 1000 for non-compliance, and this can also lead to serious & # 39; oznay injury or death.

It is illegal to use the methods of Bear device at any time to purchase a single lure or attract bears. However, on private land in areas bears 1, 2, 5 and 5A is allowed 30 days before the opening day. amount of the fine ranges from $ 100 to $ 1000 for non-compliance.

You are not allowed to shoot a bear in its den, and the bear's worried that he was otstrelennyh. Moreover, there is a fine of $ 500 to $ 1000, you can also spend in prison up to 10 days and pay restitution.

You can not use any dog ​​to chase a bear in training or hunting purposes. The penalty for non-compliance – from 100 to 1000 dollars, and you can remove the dog.

You can not hunt for a bear in the area around the bear, which feeds and lure the bear until you know that in this hunting zone bears used bait and bait. The penalty for non-compliance – from 100 to 1000 dollars.

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