Get your mom's dream of life, becoming a "Baker" -Ron Baker, that is,

Here in Vici, Kansas, snow, black and gold. Everything seems to be in a happy mood. Kanzantsy sparkle with pride when our unbeatable states Uichyta shocker broke most collegiate victory in the regular season their record 34-0. With their victory in the tournament in the Missouri Valley Conference, shocker moved into Marshatskae Var & # 39; yatstva, and momentum is easily knocked down opponents by 20-30 points per game.

The local shops and enthusiasts WSU proud vichytantsy attend screenings of five starters on the cover of the latest magazine Sports Illustrated.

One of these newcomers, the only blond, only Kansai-Ron Baker, almost joined the staff of Wichita. Indeed, WSU did not attract him.

Only two colleges that offered scholarships to Ron, the University of Arkansas and the University of South Dakota. But the distance from 7 to 8:00 scared young athlete from taking them. Ron did not want to be so far away from his family & # 39; and.

Baker gave up scholarships to go to Wichita State basketball team.

Ron Baker had the confidence to do what won many owners of mom business.

  • He listened to his inner compass
  • coordinate their decisions with their values ​​and
  • stick to their dreams.

Ron Baker risk, despite the fact that it can become more secure. He chose what was "better" compared to what he considered good enough.

And look at what God's idea "best" was for Ron Baker and Wichita State.

The fruits of courage and confidence to Ron Baker to follow what has been and what is "better" pryzyamlivshy him to the role of a key player and leader unselfish team,

  • He won the NIT tournament in 2011,
  • I was in the final four in 2013 and
  • now it has a perfect record;
  • the country's number two
  • and is likely to become the number one number in the NCAA tournament.

Ron Baker and staff Wichita shocker is about to go down in history.

So it looks like your mom's business, family and personal life when you have to take risks, resulting in a "better" choice, not a "good"?

If you want to manifest your dreams, it's time to become a "Baker". The question is, are you ready (and willing!) To risk?

Catholic momprener: Business advice Life Guide: write down three ways, if you settle for less and take steps to listen to the will of God and to make the "best" choice.

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