Lily sale Cannes face a chaotic future

Many crop plants, which are reproduced by vegetative division face a mysterious problem that results in lower energy clone, and the majority of farmers and nurserymen claim that the crop of plants "ended". A number of factors negatively affect plant clone to such an extent that it becomes unproductive and uneconomic continue to grow.

technique revived crops has been identified, such as strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, sweet potato, banana, and a beginner: kanleya. This flower bulb or rhizome is faced with current and future catastrophic consequences unless the government regulatory measures to remedy the dilemma facing the lilies branch will be taken. Since the 1940s, Canna lily rhizomes constantly grown from the original stock, which can be easily assembled in the autumn, packaged and resold Dutch manufacturing companies (several exist today, most went bankrupt) as the class indicated. Trade developed so widely around the success of the sale of millions of rhizomes, some farmers began to grow lilies in the fields, planted in rows, like corn, exclusively for the Dutch-maorderav companies. For some producers in Cannes in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas financial rewards were so excessive that they started to plant hundreds of hectares as an exclusive crop. Due to the shift in the retail trade a decade ago, when sales channels lily has been transferred from the packed rhizomes companies masters in pot, growing, blooming lilies for spring and summer sales at stores such as Walmart, Lowes and Home Depot. Trade shops have purchased products in pots are mainly manufacturers yearling nurseries acquired dormant rhizomes lily kanapeli exclusive field farmers Cannes, which originally supplied by master only ten years ago. This is a sharp change from prastayuchyh bulbs Kanli to unsuspecting customers at the shop to customers in stores that were watching plants flowers and leaves before you buy, make it necessary to reject store stores a plurality of lower potted lilies. years decreased (ran) to the state of unpredictability. This failure did not arise from customers mailarderav who bought unseen unchecked rhizome with "desire" that it turned into the sleeper factory beautifully depicted, which was put on sale in maorderav directory.

Growing lilies for retail sale has now become a crisis, like the one that threatened the producer of strawberry plants, raspberry bushes, blackberry bushes and banana years ago.

Commercial producers of Cannes is held every year to postpone part of the current crop of roots Cannes for use as seed for restoration planting for next season. With the growth of every year, some genetic defects and sensitivity began with the & # 39; also accumulate, and more suras & # 39 every year; ozna grow. Canadian farms continued to grow and sell more and more patients and mutavanyh rhizomes Cannes every year, yet they could not be regarded with horror with deformed leaves and flowers cash, as opposed to customers in stores and their retail customers dissatisfied. Many of these varieties are grown and Cannes initially sold as authentic named varieties. After many decades of vegetative propagation couch crop has become a mixture of defective and harmful mutations susceptible to many diseases, insects, nematodes, and deviations from the colors.

Commercial channels manufacturers practiced technique, which they call "unfortunate", which included searching the rows of channels in full raztsvitse and discarding species that are visually different from the desired variety, intended for cultivation. This technique works only in part, because many weak and inferior quality could not be detected visually, for example, the rhizome of Cannes, who failed to thrive at a time when a farmer decided to "rob" the field of Cannes. In addition, genetic factors that were mutavany in the rhizomes, which makes the plant susceptible to disease and other obstacles, it would not be seen as a commercial field is usually sprayed effectively to remove pests; but normal home gardener does not expect to buy the plant, which must be continuously sprayed with fungicides, nematodes or insects, and as soon as their indoor plants will be placed in the home garden, the leaves are attacked leaves and rolls, and leaves, and roots infected with nematode ruin. It is expected that this disappointment retail customers and fans Canna sharply constrains future purchases lilies.

Reduced plants in agricultural products such as strawberry, raspberry, blackberry plants, vines and banana trees, greatly overcome by the process of tissue culture. Scientists have found plants that rapidly growing tip of the plant, called "apical meristem", can be removed and placed in a tissue grows. Plants from which the apical meristem is removed, carefully chosen for breeding and must comply with the initial desired characteristics of the parent class. Apical merystema is growing so fast that by careful selection of a few cells at the top viruses and other problems with the mutation do not leave, leading to the new plant, which will be vigorous, disease-free, and is growing rapidly.

This group of cells develops into a holistic plant with intact stems and root systems, which together are called "uterine plants of nuclear stock". These "mother-plants" are used for vegetative division, of which the commercial private sector nurseries allow farmers to sell certified plants, which do not have viruses, bacteria and other diseases.

As of August 1, 2006 has been proposed to restore the industry growth Cannes from this random arrangement using tissue culture technology. Tissue culture can restore the reputation of the marketing and production of rhizomes of water lilies to a satisfactory level of approval of both wholesale and retail customers.

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