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Hideki Ishykura studied French literature at the University of Tokyo. He writes poems in traditional Chinese forms and fixed over the past 12 years, has written more than 30 000 works in Chinese in more than 300 forms. Since Japanese people use Chinese characters in their own language, this process allows them easy to learn and write Chinese poetry. Listening to his recitals strange, interesting and exciting. Terzetto, he writes, are equally enlightening and uplifting.

Below is a striking example of his gift and tenacious style of writing using humor to enhance the interpretation of his works:

Therefore it is not enough talent

B & # 39; e chicken and insults sabaku-

Much resentment at Muse

I had a friend to read the Terzetto, and he said that was how he felt after reading the verse, which he does not understand. But what about this, I asked? He started to laugh because it was one of the funniest Terzetto that he had ever read. Naturally, you can see the humor in this work; as a poet insults the dog and such a thing?

No less serious & # 39; the following serious words of the poem and the philosophy of the subject. This verse returns the mind to nature and natural things:

There are flowers and n & # 39; e dew

When she lip sings

Breathe dance moth

Here Ishykura implanting an image in the mind of the reader about the nature. Obviously, the question is, who, what and why? Representation permitted to examine all dimensions. You have to understand that the voice of everything under the sun; equally appropriate dance butterfly for each level of the existence of life.

This book is not divided into sections by name; He numbered the pages only. Verses are written in four different languages, including English for the convenience of readers and other nations. The next verse takes the reader to another dimension:

In the clouds on the mountain top

singing bird

whose soul?

The upcoming theory here shifts the emphasis to the theme of this poem immortality of the soul. Rhetorical line to put a question about the process of circulation in the life and nature. Top of the mountain is alive, as the valley but the top of the mountain is selected in the board to match the clouds instead of the fog in the valley, which would work equally well.

It is obvious that the mind of the poet should be such that there is, and to see things that normal people do not, and will not see or comprehend the same. As a result, creativity flows naturally when poets awake or asleep. Brain waves are always working and kanatatsyyna work with evolution, because it is a dynamic process, not a static one. Next Terzetto gives an example:

A dragon head

lumberjack pulls the saw

to get the horn

The sequence of this evolutionary process in a dynamic manner. Dragon concept from the past that spits fire, move to the Magic Dragon success. Of course, a single image of the dragon here reflects the brutal murder of humanity and making tusks of elephants in Africa and Asia for the highest price.

This book is packed with beautiful words of wisdom to ignite the mind and soul to think outside of the norm. It is a process that carries the souls of men on top of the mountain for the renewal of life in a new form, where the mind is young and fresh with uzmatsnyayuchymi thoughts.


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