Veteran's Day Peacemakers Poetic Acrostic


An acrostic poem is fundamental to many, easy to write, follow and understand. It's a poem about any subject matter, which is easy to read and inspire the mind. This kind of poem can be written in a variety of styles, ways, or formats; however, the simplest is to put the letters that spell out the name of the subject matter down the side of the page. When this is completed, one is able to return to each letter, think of a corresponding word, phrase, metaphor, cliché, or sentence that starts with that letter and use anyone of them to describe the subject of the Acrostic. The following poem is an example of an acrostic which is written in the format described about Veteran's Day.

Veterans' Day Peacemakers Acrostic

V eteran's Day shines with varying validity of valor from very special and highly capable people

E ternal peace makers out front, eating dust like bread's crust with raised guidons as high steeples

T oeing the line of liberty for all, not afraid to fall, low crawling, enthralled tempests of tenacity

R allying on point, cold steel bayonets, palate dry, eyes wet, rattling teeth, combat boots on feet

A lways ready to answer the call, comrades standing tall, skirmishing, no time to fumble the ball

N ames at times in tombs unknown, mysteries untold, never growing old, hearts filled with gold

S oldiers not of fortune, everyday people moving like waves in a storm, informed they performed

D arkness they turned to light, bracing the firefight at times all night, they ignite with delight

A blaze with liberty, absolute equality, accompanied at times with brightly darkened memory

Y earning for the day, unyielding, unraveled faith of resolve resonating, yet never abandoning!


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