Climbing, falling, soaring – a dynamic and creative poetry!


Of course, this was a rare opportunity to meet me with Professor SD Wright personally during her visit to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She & # 39 is a well-known poet and distinguished professor of English at Brown University. The opportunity to talk face to face with such a brilliant and inspiring person, and listen to her poetry recital in one day – it really vzvyshayuchasts. In addition, get a copy of the book autographed, Climbing, Falling, floating, it is the choice of ice cream on top of the cake.

Professor Wright, of course, produced a master-piece of this writing poetry prize Climbing, falling, soaring. This is largely dynamic and exciting book of poetry. First of all, it is a poetic gloss and "deep fear" to cheers on the preparation and course of poetic images, to stimulate the mind, body and soul. Further, the architecture of poems in this book stimulates a sense of vision in terms of their diversity and how they motivate the reader to produce seeming poetic thoughts. Finally, based on the rewards that this book has received so far, we can say, "This is a magnificent literary edition of our time and age."

Comparative analysis of the verses, As the light on the back, which you can not see, but feel, On pages four and seventy-one, very interesting in content and tone. Additional compounds in the latter increase alertness lines. Have you ever said to his wife: "The way you turn off the light so I can get some sleep?" In this verse, you will find an allusion, and it's really fun and real. He also reads like a scene from a movie.

additionally, As a prisoner of the soft words on pages forty-six and seven-seven equally represented poetry movable and dynamic contrast anafarychnyh with an array of strings. Using action words in verse improves the interpretation of images projected by moving lines for the words act on feelings. For example: "We suspect that someone is watching one or another of us" and "We dropped a bit of cash on the table cloth", giving the curious figurative spirit in contrast to the two verses.

Climbing, falling, soaring It presented a historical essay, which covers a range of scenes, including: Mexico, cancer, war, Vashyngtontsy, language array of words, acts of war, Egypt, South America, the news, the funeral and many other interesting and intriguing topics. The scenes are very interesting and in the same sense, appealing to the senses. This is really some kind of emotional thing; This is very strange, but in a sense, jokingly, but does not feel aksemaronnay merits.

On the other hand, the book is balanced with humor. I laughed out loud reading a poem dedicated to "pass 13 Val Marta" and the man in the reptile section, sitting in a public place. I laughed so hard that people began to look at me. I showed them the book cover and told them: "Get your own copy!"

This book is packed: irony aliteratsyyay, inversion, metaphor, similarity, extended analogy, comparison, temporary staging, poetic style, unusual, dramatic structure, figurative language, and others.


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