Agreements on custody and parenting plans in Arkansas – Arkanzaski Family Code

Parents in Arkansas related to custody, should study the laws on guardianship, that will affect them. These laws are found in the header 9 of the Family Code of Arkansas. Knowledge of these laws can be a great benefit to parents, the more they create an agreement on custody and parenting plan for children. Following […]

I want my 400 pounds! – road transport, APU and aids

Nowadays there are a lot of fun Gomonov device (auxiliary power units – generators). Thus, the federal government allows you to receive up to 400 pounds for trucks with APU – and any device that is used to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. It's part of a strategy to reduce idling – to encourage trucks […]

Guide AR lottery, lottery plan Arkansas

quick history Arkanzatskaya Scholarship Lottery, a lottery official Arkansas, undertook the sale of lottery in 2009 after voters approved the creation of the lottery through the ballot measure in 2008. Thus, the lottery AR – one of the youngest lotteries in the country. Lottery plan AR Arkansas Lotto History At the beginning of the lottery […]