Colorado Photo – friendships among amazing heights

Colorado Your Photo will be the best if it will show the friendly nature of its people, as well as excellent colorful beauty of the state, which is famous all over the world.

Easy to overlook eastern third of the state and think that there is no possibility kalaradavay pictures, because it is a huge flat farmland and small towns. It would be a mistake. The southeast corner of the state, especially along the Arkansas River, has a rich historical tradition. You can travel on the national scenic and historic road that goes along the Santa Fe Trail. Colorado Your photo may also include images of Bentley-the Old Fort, the first settlement in Colorado in 1833 and museums that celebrate the Indians who lived in the first century in the district, and a large border guard Kit Carson.

Kalaradaskaya picture is not complete without the images from the Eastern Plains large wall Rocky Mountains, commonly known as front. In the world there are very few visual impressions that compare the movement to the west of Colorado plains and suddenly see the Rocky Mountains, as if from nowhere. If you fly into Denver or Colorado Springs, it's worth your time to a few hours drive to the east of those cities, and then come back, stopping often to capture the majesty of the Rocky Mountains.

Denver and other cities in the front row – an exceptional family and adult areas, as well as sources of unforgettable Colorado. These cities also your gateway to the wonderland – Rocky cliffs and all the attractions of Western Colorado. From Colorado Springs and Pueblo, you are a few minutes away from the famous Pike's Peak and the many canyons and mesa outside. Take something & # 39; w and a camera at the far south-west, to visit the National Park Mesa Verde National Monument ancient canyons and similar places, the ancient residential cliffs. They can be your favorite photo subjects in Colorado.

Aging EPSDT – Part VIII: Strategy

In previous 7 reports we have reviewed in detail, what is wrong in the system, which causes children with disabilities that are covered by the program of early and periodic screening, diagnosis and treatment of Medicaid, to become adults with disabilities. nothing. Now it's time to see how those seven & # 39; and can find some way to cope with the realities of a broken system in which they work.

Become a care provider for the adult child

Some states have implemented programs that allow a father or brother and sister to get money from Medicaid for medical care your loved one with special needs. The program is called "presence and counseling" or "self-service", according to the state. They are available in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, and West Virginia.

In short, your loved one must apply for Medicare to use the program, and the state will evaluate them to determine how many hours of home care they need on a weekly basis for the operation. They use a "fair and customary" rates paid home care workers in your geographic region, multiply it by the estimated number of hours for which they assume that your loved one will need, and give them a budget that amounts to work. They can choose to pay to any person (in some states you have to go through medical grade), and they can pay any amount to the state minimum wage or higher. (Note that this gives them the opportunity to stop you pay and pay a professional for some time, if you need a break, that & # 39 is a huge benefit for the family & # 39; and officers of the world.)

Go to a country with more effective coverage of medicines

If you live in one of the 19 states that have not yet adopted the Medicaid expansion Obamacare (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming), it can be difficult to accept, but the move to one of the other 31 states (or DC) can actually bring you to the best advantage. Naturally, this can be a tough challenge – it depends on many factors, not least all stay housing and employment – but if you can make a move, the impact on a loved one with a disability can be overwhelming.

If you try to go this route, you need to do several things:

1. Make sure that the Medicaid program is available in your target state, in fact, will cover a loved one (see. Part III of this series).

2. Check the limit of income and resources, and make sure you still get right. (Some states offer the cost of resource constraint, others are not.)

3. Move.

4. Declare a new state of the house.

5. Apply for Medicaid in the new home state.

6. Turn off Medicaid in its former state.

It is unlikely that this is the easiest – but it might just be the best.

Fly Fishing on the Arkansas River

One of the best attributes of Arkansas & # 39 is its accessibility. Approximately 60% have access to the public, and most of them are well marked along the major highways. Traveling south from Lidvilya, you pick up the river on the highway 24 bridge. It means the beginning of more than five miles Haydenskay rent. The river here is small, meandering stream from willows, surrounded by beaches. From that point it begins to gather speed, and the water from the tributaries, when he cuts through Brown Canyon between Buena Vista and solidi. Brown's Canyon without a doubt – one of the most beautiful canyons of the desert in the state of Colorado. Better access – a boat that starts at the fishing bridge and goes to Hecla section. You can climb up the stream from the bottom of the canyon in Hekla, but you have to move to the east side, to gain access to public land and it can be difficult, except when there is little water. Once, you can use an abandoned rail bed as a trail system and go through all the canyon, stopping to fish in the pool after a productive pool water.

By the time the stream reaches the solidus, it stands in an elevated and becomes winding, classical rocky mountain stream with free gravel stones with wide bars, boulder fields and deep runs with accents small pools and backwater. For the next 50 miles of US Highway 50 Arkansas shades, providing the most popular recreational access. From solidi to Texas Creek volatile fishermen find easy access, excellent location and large population of fish. From Texas Creek to the city of Canon City River begins a gradual decline in peradgor & # 39; and. This segment includes the Royal Gorge, which stores a great fish, but it is very difficult to move. Twenty miles from Texas Creek to the Gorge you spend a great granite canyon, complete with one of the largest herds of large Rogov sheep in Rocky cliffs. This water provides excellent fishing during the spring and autumn. In summer, the water park is just because of the many Class IV and V. The threshold I especially like this section because of its proximity to the cities of the front range, and because fishing is more complicated, many beginners walk past her. In fact, the fish tend to congregate at the edges and seams on the outside, which makes the coastal hiking enjoyable way to spend the morning. Arkansas in Canon City offers excellent fishing along the 3.5 miles of improved river trail called the Riverwalk. This water from the & # 39; is a community along the trail (south side) and offers excellent walking, cycling and bird watching. Riverwalk runs from Ninth Street to Mackenzie Avenue. on the east side of town.

The next possibility is fishing on the reservoir Pueblo and the tail portion below the dam. The tank itself can be a great for janitors, Crappie, and Bass. Small mouth and large mouth regularly hit the floating tubers, but effective prosecution wipers boat needs. Rear water just had a project to improve habitat. Selective placement of small and large boulders to create an effective habitat of trout, where once there was unproductive water. DOW is considering a special regulation water stretching, so in the future, the tail water can be even more fruitful fishing, especially in the winter time, when so many other waters rose on the wall of the winter.

Even despite the fact that Arkansas – number one river with rafts on the white water in the bottom 48, the use of drift-boats in the Mackenzie style is not recommended after river fall below 1,000 hp During the runoff and high water, these boats usually work fine, but the inflatable in the range of 13 to 14 feet, such as self-propelled boilers Era, Moravia and Down River, with & # 39 are the best. Private pontoon vessel in the range of 8 to 10 feet very well move on this river. To move the river, get your skill level and get a nice river card. start area which is located on the Granite Canon to the city, which gives you the possibility of short and long voyage. Even if you are using a boat, probably the best way to fish this river will come out and walk / go boulder fields, rock and long coastlines. Fish kept primarily along the coastline, and competent angler can break into smaller river systems and to work alongside private. Pradiranne can be dangerous in many places, so use studded boots and bovtayuchymi frames. It makes sense to be prepared, as Arkansas – this is one of those rivers that entice us to go "just a little further."

Ninety-five percent of the time I was fishing in the 9 foot 5 weight. rod. In the second half of the day can be the wind, so the wind penetration is necessary. If you have an 8-foot-4 Mass., It must perfect for fishing dry flies. One of the assets of this river with the & # 39 is that it gives something for everyone; Most of the time can be effective on fishing dry flies, nimfingam and anglers. Arkansas – no early morning. I believe that the best fish from 9:00 to 14:00 and 17:00 to nightfall. Blistering Brown were not high, exposing themselves to numerous predators along the drainage. Lantern and short sink tip can be a good combination for those who enjoy night fishing. I find it invigorating and extremely productive, but this requires knowledge of the purpose of the security threads. In addition, all you need is a black wool care number 8 – well, maybe two.

Hunting on public land Missouri

While many hunters lifted the nose at the thought of hunting on state land, for one reason or another many hunters will eventually have to seek public lands to find land on which to hunt. Fortunately for hunters in Missouri, as well as for those who visit the Show-Me-State for hunting, there are many different options of public lands. This article will introduce you to hunt in areas that are controlled by the Department of the Missouri Guard. Of these, nearly 1,000 districts, and most of them offer some options for hunting.

Gentle land of Missouri can be found on the Iowa border to the line of Arkansas and Illinois in the East down to Kansas. It seems that the essence of changes when you go from north to south. Southern area of ​​conservation in Ozark, some of them huge.

Such areas in southern Missouri, as the flowing river, the Peck Ranch, Angelina and Rocky Creek – all the tens of thousands of hectares. Heavily forested area, and have a twisted mass of ridges and eccentrics. The Deer Hunter and turkeys that have found success here, – the specialists of acorns and water sources. Deer density is low compared to the northern regions, but their numbers are sufficient, and some experts believe that in an area such as sunspots, may soon be made a world record. Now most trophy deer are suitable farther north.

North to the north, there are some significant conservation areas. Areas such as Union Ridge, close to 10,000 hectares. These areas are more diverse in their habitat. You will find several strongly Zalesnoe territories, and, of course, there are rolling hills. However, these protected areas are much more similar to the old fields, gardens and other remnants of the former agricultural activities. These sites are very good not only for hunting deer and turkeys, but for upland game and birds. There are even some decent fazanskiya area near the border with Iowa.

One nice option hunt Missouri conservation areas – is that they are not only in rural areas, but there are some great options for hunting near urban centers. One of these areas with a & # 39 is the area of ​​wildlife Bush in the district of St. Louis, Charles near St. Charles Louis. There are hunting for deer and turkey, and small game hunting opportunities.

Before you go into any of these areas, visit, to get the latest information on the regulation of the area you will visit.

Laws and regulations on hunting bear Arkansas

You can legally hunt bears in Arkansas, as long as you stick to the rules and regulations established by the State. This guide was created in 2010 to help hunters to teach the rules of hunting for bear in Arkansas. We hope that it will make sense in some regulations, too much may seem impossible.

You have to have a commission which issued bear the label and the bear resolution. There is a fine of $ 100 to $ 1,000 for not extracting the proper resolution and bear the brand under the law of Arkansas. You can get them on the Internet at Arkanzaskay committee on games and fish.

There are restrictions on the type of device that will be used to destroy the bears during the hunting for them. This includes the implementation of the Commission's 6:02, 8:04, 8:06 and 7:02. You can see these codes on its web site; the laws of the rifle and arbaletse that are not included in the main on the & # 39; the amount of this article, in fact, you can not use a gun 20-caliber and more, using only a rifled slug. The penalty for non-compliance – from 100 to 1000 dollars and does not include penalties for violation of legislation on state weapons.

You should be certain about the & # 39; the amount of protective orange on his body. It should be worn over the waist line and consist of a color range from 595 nm to 605 nm (orange hunting) or fluorescent color charts in the range of 55 nm to 565 nm (Hunter Safety Green). You must be at least 400 square inches of said colors and color should be noticeably wearing a fluorescent orange or fluorescent clothing for the head. Their punishment is from 50 up to $ 1000 for non-compliance, and this can also lead to serious & # 39; oznay injury or death.

It is illegal to use the methods of Bear device at any time to purchase a single lure or attract bears. However, on private land in areas bears 1, 2, 5 and 5A is allowed 30 days before the opening day. amount of the fine ranges from $ 100 to $ 1000 for non-compliance.

You are not allowed to shoot a bear in its den, and the bear's worried that he was otstrelennyh. Moreover, there is a fine of $ 500 to $ 1000, you can also spend in prison up to 10 days and pay restitution.

You can not use any dog ​​to chase a bear in training or hunting purposes. The penalty for non-compliance – from 100 to 1000 dollars, and you can remove the dog.

You can not hunt for a bear in the area around the bear, which feeds and lure the bear until you know that in this hunting zone bears used bait and bait. The penalty for non-compliance – from 100 to 1000 dollars.

Agreements on custody and parenting plans in Arkansas – Arkanzaski Family Code

Parents in Arkansas related to custody, should study the laws on guardianship, that will affect them. These laws are found in the header 9 of the Family Code of Arkansas. Knowledge of these laws can be a great benefit to parents, the more they create an agreement on custody and parenting plan for children. Following the laws when creating the plan can help a mother make the best plan for the child, to help them develop appropriate components and get the plan adopted by the court. This is the main part of the laws that affect the agreement.

In section 101 section 101 section 9 placed laws on how the state awards custody. This is an important part of parenting plans. The state is not preferred because of the floor at sentencing custody. This means that the father and mother have equal chances of getting custody of the children, provided that they are both capable of custodial parents. Standard of care – what is best for the child. If the parents can deal with it before you go to court, the judge will fulfill their wishes. Mother and father find out the order of guardianship, which corresponds to the needs of the child and bring it into agreement.

This section also contains a charter which, when parents make a plan, should the child often and in constant contact with both parents. Because of this, the court may make a joint custody agreement when making the decision to detain. It also means that, if the court makes the determination more likely to sentence the father custody of the parents, which encourages the child to communicate with the other parent.

Sections 102 and 103 of the Act contains provisions to other family members & # 39; and stay involved in a child's life after separation of parents. Grandparents and sisters may be granted the right to visit the child. This will happen if the child is near a close family member of the & # 39; and, and to continue the relationship with a man would be in the best interests of the child. Parents should consider this when they make parenting plans. They have to make a plan that allows the child to see and to visit other family members & # 39; and.

After the court ruled custody agreement is a legal document. The state takes care of the orders very suras & # 39; ozna, and for parents who ignore them, there are consequences. If the father wants to make changes to the plan, they must submit an application to the court and to submit the changes. The modification will be evaluated depending on how it benefits the child.

I want my 400 pounds! – road transport, APU and aids

Nowadays there are a lot of fun Gomonov device (auxiliary power units – generators). Thus, the federal government allows you to receive up to 400 pounds for trucks with APU – and any device that is used to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. It's part of a strategy to reduce idling – to encourage trucks and truckers to APU installation. But this does not mean that you can always get it.

The wording of the law states that any vehicle with APU "may be allowed up to 400 liters in total weight, axes, tandem or bridge, the maximum limit" – the generator mounted on the tractor, would not allow to change the law on the bridge.

The problem is that while the federal government can increase the weight of the state is necessary not afford. This means that in one state may allow you to work up to 80 400 pounds. but in this state, you can confine 80,000 pounds. despite the ruling of the federal government. Many states already have weight tolerances exceeding the weight of 400 pounds, so the decision does not affect the enforcement procedures.

In theory this is great, but in practice it is almost worthless.

What we are faced with the fact that many of the officers are not aware of the Federal Union of the decision, and therefore, when the legislature can take an allowance of 400 pounds, law enforcement officers may not know about it. All of the following information may change, and, as always, the right hand can not know that the left hand is doing. Be ready to show as much of the documentation every time you run into a roadblock!

Below is a list of states and their exempt status weight is 400 pounds. We appeal directly with government officials – none of this is not being used. All information is subject to change.

States that have adopted a bonus of 400 pounds (officers at the weigh stations may not know):


Arkansas allow an additional 400 pounds per axle, to take account of the APU, but will not allow more than 80,000 pounds of gross weight.






Michigan allows DOU 400 pounds for the version. The problem that you may encounter is the fact that the staff of the weighing station, with whom we talked were not aware of a federal decree, and the Michigan Truck Safety Center was formed under the impression that Michigan did not accept the ruling, but could not say for sure. According to Lieutenant Dave Ford, Michigan is actually performing a resolution of 400 pounds. Drivers must have documented weight APU, documented by the manufacturer, and have evidence that documented APU was installed on the device (as opposed to another APU).

North Dakota


Oregon Senate bill 223 officially allows trucks with APU (auxiliary power units) extra 400 pounds by limiting their total mass. Oregon performs the decision of the federation and requires written certification of the weight of the APU. Employees of the Oregon law enforcement agencies allow the release 400-kilogram weight with February 2006. APU has to be in working condition.


Exemption weight of 400 pounds is permitted only on interstate highways. Drivers on routes subject to state of Virginia, and the standard weight weight weight.


States that have not adopted the liberation of the weight of 400 pounds, and:

* Have weight tolerances (for deviations from the scale)

* Low amount of fees, and it will not make you unload 400 pounds overweight

* And the states, whose officers are unlikely to give you a ticket if you do not provoke them – rate officer with & # 39 is a factor (the officers in many of these states are not aware of the release of the weight of 400 pounds, but said that 400 pounds is too little to worry) for them:


Station employees in Greenwich did not know about the federal ruling, but said that the probability of writing quotes on such a small amount is unlikely. This stretch is limited to 95, I 80000 pounds, regardless of whether that will allow the driver, so limit – 80 000 pounds. 80001 pounds can result in a ticket, but it is not likely until the truck reaches 81,000 pounds, depending on the officer's opinion. The official word from the implementation of commercial vehicles headquarters – that Connecticut has not received relief from the weight of 400 pounds.






Totally dependent on the opinions of officers – you probably will not get a ticket for 400 pounds.






Station employees in North Carolina, which we called, were unaware of the federal assistance to 400 pounds, but was told that they have a tolerance of 500 pounds, which they will allow before you start writing tickets.

South Dakota

The officers did not disclose the allowable tolerance, but they say that their admission exceeds 400 pounds, so, despite the fact that legilatura has not yet adopted the federal standard, their current standards allow you to increase the weight.


POE Henefer employees say that they will give up to 500 pounds for the APU. Employees of other state-owned enterprises have been hesitant in the law.

West Virginia


Employees of 25 pounds sterling station say they will allow up to 500 pounds without a ticket.

States that do not provide 400 pounds to the APU (based on our request – subject to change):

Alabama, Arizona, Indiana, New Jersey

The list lacks several states. We still appeal to the states from which we have not received a response and will provide updated information when it becomes available! Do not hesitate to contact us about the incarnation and experience.

To get help 400 pounds, you will need to provide:

* In writing certified APU weight (if your APU weighs only 380 pounds, you are allowed only 380 pounds)

* Certified confirmation (or opportunity to demonstrate) that the function of the WWW (works)

You also want to take a copy of the federal regulations. You can find it in the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (,) in the title 23 (Roads), 658.17 parts (you'll find it in the section n).

Tips for Walleye fishing in Missouri

In Missouri, there are some great fishing options in Sudak. Perhaps, not from Walleye & # 39 is a view which you are fishing in Missouri, but is actually in Missouri has some of the best opportunities for fishing in the country. Both lakes and rivers in Missouri offer excellent fishing for Sudak. In this article, we will tell you about some of the best water fishing waters in the state of Missouri.

Stockton Lake, probably the best lake in Missouri. Stockton Lake – a relatively small corporation reservoir engineers, but it is very deep, cool and clear. This makes the lake ideal for fishing in Sudak. The best fishing on the wreath is happening at the dam in summer and in the river in March in the spring when spawning spawns. The lake is regularly stored zander, but also see a healthy amount of natural reproduction. North, worms and handle deep dive work well.

Bull Shoals – another beautiful lake. Only the northern part of the lake is located in Missouri, but the area offers some of the best fishing on the lake. Plot in Missouri – Lake Bull Shoals – a very river, and is actually more like a big, slowly move cancer than the reservoir. The area just below the dam Paverseyte particularly popular and even offers excellent opportunities for fishing zander, as well as trout and bass. Fisherman on the boat very well what is going on around the lake. Shots, stove and worms work well in Lake Bull Shoals.

Black River is probably the best walleye stream in Missouri. Black River below the dam Clearwater – deep, slow and clear river in peradgor & # 39; s the Ozark Mountains. This river with a & # 39 is an excellent perch for spawning, and for many years there has been caught a very big fish. Local residents report that the best fishing usually occurs during the cold months in the fall, winter and spring. In summer perches becomes more sluggish, but still can be caught on live bait, especially at night. Device, grate and worms – the most popular methods for targeting the black river. In some areas the river may peradiratstsa, but a canoe or boat with a fisherman-Volyak set within a larger size.

The current river – another good flow perch. This river flows through the heart of the Ozark Mountains and strongly applied in the spring. Best fishing in Valle is located in the lower reaches of the river, from the town of Van Buren Arkansas to the line. Methods of fishing on the river current is very similar to the black.

As you can see, in Missouri, there are many opportunities in the fishing pier. These are just a few of the best options, but there are plenty of other good water sports throughout the state of Missouri.

Coach from the blind side gets a dream job

Who ever forget Sandra Bullock constant rumbling coach Bert Kottanu in the movie "The Blind Side", which received the award for the Academy? History Michael Auger and his journey to the NFL is admired, and now, perhaps it is time to start. Coach Cotton in the film is really a coach X & # 39; nd Freese, a native of Mississippi, which today has landed on his dream when he was named the new head coach at the University of Mississippi football.

Freese, a graduate of Southern Mississippi in 1992, was the first coaching job at a Christian school Briarcrest (now the name of the movie in Wingate Christian School). He was coordinator of the offensive team and a defensive coach defenders before he was appointed head coach in 1995 Trainer of the Year, "The Associated Press" six times.

Then Freese followed his persistent offensive staff "Oger", Mississippi, where in 2005 he became assistant athletic director for external affairs football. The next season he will coach tight ends and set coordinator, who served until 2007, when the then head coach Ed Orzharona released. In 2008, Freese turned out to train at NAIA Lambuth (TN) University, where he went 20-5 in two seasons, including a perfect 11-0 regular season in 2009. School went to the first playoff in 11 years, and ended the year at 12 -1 and the sixth team in the entire NAIA.

In 2010, Freese joined the coaching staff of the State of Arkansas as offensive coordinator, and after Steve Roberts resigned at the end of the season, Freese was appointed as the new head coach. "Red Wolves" thrive under strong offense "the Freeze", but, surprisingly, were very good in defense, ranking 15th in the country, protecting the defense, allowing 19.3 points per game.

Freeze inherits a team that has not won a game in the SEC this year, going 0-8 and 2-10 in the conference as a whole, one of the victories against FCS (formerly Div. I-AA) Southern Illinois. If several categories of protected protection in the bottom of the FBS, and the offense is not much better, the challenge ahead will be powerful, but Freese won wherever he was. He is busy creating his staff, and reportedly, his coach Grant Heard receivers and defensive line coach Chris Kiffin will follow him from the state of Arkansas in their new home at Ole Miss.

Guide AR lottery, lottery plan Arkansas

quick history

Arkanzatskaya Scholarship Lottery, a lottery official Arkansas, undertook the sale of lottery in 2009 after voters approved the creation of the lottery through the ballot measure in 2008. Thus, the lottery AR – one of the youngest lotteries in the country.

Lottery plan AR

Arkansas Lotto History

At the beginning of the lottery offered only instant lottery games. Later AR Lottery began selling tickets for Powerball in 2009 and Mega Millions in 2010.

Today AR Lottery also offers players the opportunity to win big games in other lotteries, such as dollars decades, Arkansas, drawing millions of dollars, money and money 4 3.

Players can also enjoy the simulation Instant lottery games lottery terminals in retail locations. These games "Quick Play" offer the same shock of physical scratch in a convenient computer & # 39; yuteryzavanay form.

As the name "scholarship" in the title, AR lottery is designed to provide grants and the allocation of money to students who graduate in the two- and four-year schools in the state.

Guide lottery AR

Games with zeros can be purchased in shops and stores across the country. Each game has its own rules, odds and payouts. Instructions can be found on the front of the ticket, and administrative data printed on the reverse side.

The main program of the Arkansas Lottery

The basic premise of all lottery games in order to win more or less the same. Lottery regularly generates random numbers, and the players who have purchased tickets for the draw, which exactly matches the winning number, can win huge jackpots, especially in big foal & # 39; ovyh games such as Powerball and Mega Millions.

In Arkansas, has a game in order to win under the name Arkansas Mill Dollar Raffle. Rules draw millions of dollars like prize draws, which are conducted at the state fairs and other gatherings.

Unlike other games in order to win, players do not choose the number of your ticket. Rooms are determined in the manner in which tickets were purchased. draw date as unconventional as they rely on how quickly played the lottery tickets. draw date announced only after the sale of the last ticket.

Arkanzaski play a million dollars can boast that among all lotteries lottery games AR Lottery biggest available odds of winning a million dollars.

Known laureates AR Lottery

Due to its relative youth as a lottery program, lottery AR has received many major winners.

However, only two months after the AR Lottery began selling tickets for Powerball in October 2009, one lucky man demanded Powerball jackpot in the amount of $ 25 million. It seems that someone has been clarified Arkansas lottery plan.

prevent fraud

Arkansas Lotto warns players to ignore any suggestions about winning foreign lotteries of the emails. These emails have historically always been crooks, who tried to encourage people to pay the so-called processing fees, and promised to get the non-existent lottery jackpot.

Representatives AR Lotto remind players that, even if such a proposal were true, would be a federal crime to play foreign lotteries by means of long-distance methods such as e-mail and telephone.

Residents AP should only purchase lottery tickets Arkanzasskay lottery. Any other illegal or fraudulent tickets.

trivia Arkansas

– Be careful to protect the lottery ticket. Lost, damaged or stolen tickets will be deprived of any winnings, even if other material evidence, such as listening to and receipt may justify the requirement to purchase a ticket. No ticket, no prize.

– Lottery with AR & # 39 is the first state, which began to work with the computer & # 39; yuteryzavanay generation numbers for lottery of internal lottery. Many other lottery games like Powerball and Mega Millions, use physical lottery balls to choose a winning number.